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    There are a multitude of thoughts I would like to say to you. I know that I will get around to all of them one day because it doesn’t give me any joy to keep my thoughts and emotions bottled in. For now, however, I’ll just type it out in this non-confrontational website. And although I have told you about this site, I do not believe you will find this post. But damn, I do love the unexpected.

    1. You don’t speak your mind like you want to. It’s very apparent, at least to me, but maybe you disagree. I don’t want to say you should or shouldn’t be a certain type of way, but I think this is a factor that bothers you. Thus, I believe you should stop holding words back. Because 1A: There is a girl. And 1B: this girl knows how you feel about her in full extent even though you have never said anything to her. Which leads us to 1C: How can you get the girl if you never approach her?

    2. Be confident. If you are unsure of yourself, she will be unsure of you too. Contrary to popular belief, no one is coming to save you. No friend, family member, or girl can save you. They cannot take away your pain or guide you away from darkness. Only you can do that. You can’t use people as a crutch. Find a way to be your own person. Be independent. Take what you want instead of asking for it. How about trying 2A: The moment you see the girl, without one word, walk up to her, grab her, and kiss her. A long kiss that speaks all the words you seem to be unable to say at the moment. How about 2B: Get mad as hell so that you can progress to 2C: and stop doing all the shit you don’t want to be doing in your life.

    3. Let’s talk about failure. It is very possible that you will not get the girl. It is very possible that you won’t get a job that you dream of having. It is very possible a lot of moments in your life will not go the way you want them to. And now this may seem harsh, but get over it. Remove pain and sadness as being a variable. Shit happens and life could always be worse. But 3A: As previously stated, how can you attain something you want by doing nothing? You can’t. So you need to 3B: Fight for what you want and what your heart desires. That is the only way to profit from your one wild and precious life. This is how we fight the darkness. As Wallace said, “FREEDOM!”. [Quoted from the Braveheart film. I highly recommend it if you have not seen it.]

    4. I’m sorry. You may not find this true, and I know you probably won’t find this true, but I will do you more damage than good in the long run. That is if you do not take with you points 1,2,and 3, with it’s subcategories 1A,1B,1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B. Because you can’t light a fire in a home filled with combustible material. I’ll burn you down into such a pile of hazardous debris that you won’t even know where to begin rebuilding yourself.

    5. I know myself well enough to understand that I will never care about you more than I care about myself. Again, it’s harsh. But damn, I do love the unexpected.

    -This can apply to a variety of situations and lives other than my own-

    Yours truly,
    Truly Yours

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