• Dear popular girls

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    Dear popular girls,

    I glad that you took the time to show up and look cute and take credit for our homecoming parade float. Never mind that you did not raise a paint brush to contribute to the hours of work it took to put together the float. Oh, wait a minute, that is not quite correct- you did stop by and hold a paintbrush long enough to take a selfie with your friends- my bad. I guess WE really were the fortunate ones that you took the time to make cute matching shirts to wear when you showed up to walk in front of the float and carry the sign that others worked so hard to make. Perhaps it is just too much for you to see people other than yourselves realize achievement and success. After all, I guess you see so little of it every day with your varsity sports and homecoming dance dates. Well- I am glad you enjoyed “your” success and I see that you are happily sharing it with everyone in social media. I do however look forward to the day when you all end up working for that awkward, geeky, artistic, smart girl…


    Your future boss

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