• To The Mother of His Childen

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    To the mother of His Children, you say you feel I don’t respect you. That is because I don’t, how could I ever respect someone as a parent when every day they choose to keep their children from a loving Father, unless its convenient for you. How can I respect someone who says my husband needs your supervision to see his own children when every day I watch him with my own child, he is the best dad she’s ever known. Her own father never calls or sees her, she only has my husband. She stays with him while I work, he is perfectly capable of caring for her and she isn’t even his. You say he needs to step up and start taking more responsibility because you are tired of guys dumping you because you always have the kids, but then YOU won’t let him have them when he asks! You are the reason you “always” have them! You are the one keeping him from them. We have a house together, decent jobs, and a room set up waiting for his children to be able to stay in it but that’s not stepping up enough for you. You don’t know me, it’s been nearly 3 years. He needs to grow up and stop being so selfish, he is more grown up than you have ever proven to be and you only prove your selfishness more and more every day. They’re not ready to stay, that’s when they cry when you get ready to leave with them. See the thing is that you’re the one who needs to grow up, you’re the one who needs to stop being selfish, children aren’t pawns to be used against their father when things don’t go your way. At least they have a father who cares, they have a dad who wants to be there for them, but you won’t let him. Children need their dad. Children don’t need a bitter parent keeping them from having the relationship they deserve with the other. My only hope is that you grow up before it’s too late, see children are smart. They will begin to see the truth of why they don’t get to see their dad much, they will begin to realize who is really the one keeping them away. That is to say if they haven’t already begun to see.

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