• Unfortunatelly you are still my person

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    We broke up by telling me “I can’t do this anymore.”. How was that possible? You had cheated on me and I was the one saying that I forgive you… But I accepted the situation. All I asked you was not to call me until I felt ok with the situation. After 3 months of not saying a work and not hearing your voice, you call me and ask me how I’ve been doing. “The same bitter story!”. Cliche the answer, I know, but oh my God I was/am still wounded as hell. You said you wanted to meet me. We finally did. I was out of the window of your car looking at you and you whispered “Please come in”. I came in the car. You looked at me like the man who broke the most special glass artwork of all times. You felt guilty. You said “I missed you. I love you. The other one doesn’t offer me what you offer me”. I was shocked! He had someone else? My exams hadn’t even started but the will of studying has disappeared after that phrase. “I just want to kiss you and hug you. I want to have you in my life. I am gonna take care of you until I die.” And you know what’s the worst part of the whole thing? He is still my person. Unfortunately. He has these eyes that when they look at me I am melting.
    P.S. You will always be my person.

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