• The Golden Uterus

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    So a lot of things have come to light about you recently to compound the shitty person I already knew you were.

    My husband has not seen the kids he had with you in about three years now. Every time the court wanted to set up visitation for us to see them it always fell through for a variety of reasons. So, we have made numerous attempts to contact you personally to allow him to see his kids and them to see their new brother. Of course our attempts were ignored, but you sure were happy to chat up his mother!

    You come out with all these accusations and crap about how they want nothing to do with him, how you have court orders to keep him away from them (which of course WE have never heard of). We catch wind of this, get proof that you’re making shit up to make the kids mad at him from the mouths of the other people you said were involved, and what do you do? You tell the M-I-L not to speak of her son to you, or to his own children. That “you’re not going to put yourself through this.” Through what exactly? Being called out on your bold-faced lies and attempts to alienate your kids from their dad?

    Now you’re sitting on Facebook now that your kid is in the hospital AGAIN, going off about how she feels like she doesn’t have her dad anymore but is so happy she has a mother that will never leave her. REALLY?! For how many YEARS did you decide that your abusive alcoholic boyfriend was more important than them and send them to live with someone else, never bothering to attempt to contact them?! And you wonder why she feels like she doesn’t have her dad?! Pretty easy fix for that- stop running your mouth, manufacturing stories, and keeping them from him!

    I know the game you’re playing. You’re butthurt because he left you and now you’re twisting it all around to make yourself look better. You’re playing everyone for fools to get pity from them. Not surprising, really. You think you can do no wrong by virtue of the fact that you incubated them and that you always know best. Tell me though, if you know so well, why would the kids miss school for weeks at a time? Why would they wear dirty clothes day in a row? Why would they end up with lice so bad you had to shave their hair all the way off? Why is your daughter always in the hospital? Why is it that as soon as you checked out with her, you had to go back because the other girl had broken bones? And, best of all, why did you send your first two kids to live with other people, one of whom you accused of raping you as a girl? Hmmm… THINK!

    Don’t worry though, we have all this stuff recorded. Screenshots, paperwork, the whole nine… So when those poor kids become adults and come asking why their father didn’t want them, we will show them that it wasn’t him, it was YOU. We will show them all our documentation of your misdeeds, and how you schemed to tear them apart. We will introduce them to their new sibling(s), and they will realize just how much of their family members’ lives they missed because you couldn’t grow the eff up. What will you do then?

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    2 Responses to The Golden Uterus

    1. anony
      September 26, 2015 at 3:13 pm

      you sound like the dumb-ass MIL sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. you obviously don’t have the best interest of those kids in your heart either, because if you did, you wouldn’t have spewed such nonsense. co-parenting is needed here, those kids need both their mother and father… NOT YOU. they aren’t your kids, never will be. i don’t care how flawed you think their mother is – you will never replace her. butt out of it and let the real parents work on coparenting their own kids. all you’re doing is fueling a fire that doesn’t need to exist. YOU are hurting those kids with all of your hatred towards their mother, and you really need to STFU and butt out. any decent judge won’t be interested in hearing from YOU.


    2. Be real
      September 27, 2015 at 7:11 am

      Ah, justification from the other woman. Classic.
      Listen , the court system will grant him visitation. He just has to pay a lawyer and get off his fucking ass.
      If the mom is all you say she is, why wait till they are grown? He should be fighting for his babies right now!
      But lets be honest, keeping his kids away from YOU makes life easier for YOU doesn’t it? He hasnt seen them in 3 years, or her, and thats the way YOU like it.



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