• Angel of Small Death & The Devil of Eden

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    Each time you walked past me

    It was a stab through my chest

    How did it come to this?

    My oxygen, my air and life force, who I lived for and loved

    I had to be left in the dust
    I felt your air as you walked right past me
    I felt your glare in the back of my skull

    I felt the pain in the center of my heart

    As I saw you for the first time in three months, my heart pounded
    My head throbbed

    You betrayed me
    You hurt me
    You stabbed me in the back
    You poisoned my hair
    Turned my heart around inside of my chest
    Reached into me and twisted my insides
    Took the chemicals of my brain and added your own

    Why must I still care for you in the least?
    Simply because it’s who I’ve become

    I am not myself without my love for you
    I am not myself without my obsession

    You were the weed that I nurtured
    I thought you were a rare flower

    I walked outside of my Eden to the side of Hell

    I saw you standing there

    A fallen angel clothed in light

    I went into your embrace as you clothed me in your darkness

    You are not the powerful intimidating human that you think that you are

    I am the purest Harp sound,
    And you are an out of tune violin

    We never played the right music together

    We never were looking at the same notes, the same piece, the same composition

    The salt of my tears falling onto my strings

    The pain of your wrath snapping your messed up tunes into Satan’s voice

    Everything is different
    Everything has changed

    The door to Eden is locked
    But I am no longer in Hell

    Our final song is upon us, and I will sing the final note

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    1. Stunning..
      September 28, 2015 at 10:25 pm

      Absolutely beautiful.



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