• This I will give you on our wedding day

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    To my muffin,

    It has been three months and already I know I will marry you, that I will have your children, that we will argue, kiss and make up and most importantly grow old with each other.

    I know this because I can feel it within the core of my being. I have been in love before (or so I thought) but I have never felt like the other person was made exactly for me (kindred spirits you once called us). It is so unbelievable that at times it really does feel like one of those dreams you have where everything is just the way you would want it, only to wake up and realize it wasn’t real but this is real.

    I know its real because I now know what it feels like to make a concerted effort to be the best you can be for someone else. I have always seen myself in a relationship as the one who should not be hurt, the one who any man should feel lucky to have as I believed that I was a rear specimen that should be cherished (and I am, LOL).

    But now I have met someone who I know I cannot afford to lose or to hurt because if I do, I will never meet anyone else that could be compared to him. That is how special you are to me. You are my rear specimen, my gem, my love, my future husband. I will cherish you forever just as you have already told me so many times and I have no doubt that you will.

    You more than suit me (smile), you complete me. I love you Mr. M.

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    1. M
      February 2, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      six and a half months to go until our wedding day. I can’t wait muffin.



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