• J is for jerk

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    all i asked was for u to leave enough of my heart in tact so that i could still love u. that even if we weren’t going to be together that u not hurt me past the point of incinerating the last bit of that incredible, intangible emotion.
    i fall in love so seldom, i knew the risk and the temptation of feeling that way again was in itself was such a rush. falling in love is the most amazing thing anyone can ever hope to feel. now, there’s nothing. i’m free of u, but i’ve lost something so much more precious than u in the process. i’ve lost a feeling i fear i’ll never have again. u, sir, are scum. lying to a woman to get into her pants is one step above slipping her a roofie, either way is taking away her right to decide if she wants to have sex with u. lying to a woman to get laid is violating her right to know the circumstance under which her consent is being given. u are far worse than anything i ever could imagine existing outside of a horror movie. keep playing games the way you do though, eventually it will catch up with u. I’m just going to leave it in the hands of god/karma and walk the fuck away now. You are a destructive and toxic force in the universe and I want no part in whatever becomes of you. i once worried i’d finally achieve all my goals and dreams by myself.. afraid u’d walk back into my life and i’d just take u back because i loved u. i was concerned i’d do all the hard work of making my dreams a reality only for u to step back into my life and because i loved u, i thought i’d lay it all at ur feet. I don’t worry about that happening anymore. this “little red hen” isn’t sharing any bread, specifically with the horndog that rubbed one out lying next to a fully closed woman who already said she wasn’t having sex with him, just saying

    **The End**

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