• To you R**

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    Dear R**
    I still miss you so much … and I will always love you.
    But you made me move on and I am doing that. You will hear soon that I am single/separated and l don’t know how you will react to that: maybe you will be fine with it and happy for me? Either way I am fine and happy with it myself. I will always wish things could have worked out for us and we could have been together in life. But that wasn’t what you wanted, I have made a massive decision to brave life on my own and it is ok … I will do that without you as that is the decision you made for us. I am happy and excited for my future and I hope you are as happy as you can ever imagine being, I honestly do … because being anything else in life is a lie you will hold and live with forever and I would never want that for you. I love you R**, always. Be happy xxx

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    1. ABC
      September 24, 2015 at 7:08 pm

      which R do you mean ?

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