• To A Dear Friend Of Mine

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    Dear friend of mine,

    When was the last time you saw me and not her? Never. When she is there, I am but an unrelated, unimportant being in the background. I am invisible, unseen. Why do you not notice me? She has left you broken so many times, and I pick you up and you go back to her all over again. Why? Why must I alwayd pick you up? Why must you always ignore me? Why do you never see me? I have been there for you through everything, I was there when she brought you down, I was there when she made it perfectly clear that she did not feel the same way, so why do you keep going back? I guess I’m being hypocritical here since I do the exact same thing. Why do I always go back to you after you brought me down? Why do I always go back to you when you’ve hurt me so many time? Why do I go back even though I mean nothing to you, insignificant? Why? Why? Why must I hurt myself this way, haven’t I been through enough? Why must I always let you make me feel this way? Why do I let you hurt me time after time and pretebd that I’m ok? Why do I keep doing that? Why do I have to keep lying to you about how I really feel? Why do I kep bottling up these emotions that you give me? Why are you so intent in making me stay when you don’t want me at all? Why? Why am I writing this letter when right now I should be talking to you about how I really feel?

    A wandering, intricate mind with a broken heart

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