• Questions Without Answer

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    Dear me,

    Why do you keep chasing after him? Why do you keep chasing after a boy who keeps hurting you? Why do you keep chasing him after he’s made it clear that you are nothing to him? Why do you keep chasing him?

    Is it the way he smiles that you keep chasing? The way his smile could light up your world anyday even the most gloomiest ones? How he makes you laugh? How he tries so hard to cheer you up when you are upset? How he held you when you were falling apart? How he cared about you?

    Dear me,

    Stop it. You’re being delusional, he doesn’t care for you, he doesn’t love you. He never has and he never will. You’ve always known that so ehy bother? Why bother when he doesn’t even notice you?

    Is it because you love him?
    Maybe so.

    A wandering intricate mind who cannot seem to get her emotions straight

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