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    I stumbled on this site recently and have finally decided to write somethings. First I know its like a needle in a hay stack but maybe that’s what feels safe about it? Knowing you’ll never read this but maybe I can finally get it off my chest. I LOVE YOU! There I said it finally. I love your eyes and your smile…I love your laugh. I love your sense of humor. I love that your musical and creative n face your fears head on. I love your name. I am always interested in what you have to say and it never bores me. I try n have tried so hard not to think about you but can’t stop. I’ve tried. Still nothing helps. Maybe it’s infatuation? But it physically hurts me to even look at you cause your so beautiful…n to top it off amazing aswell. I know I don’t have a chance yet still here I am hoping for what feels like a miracle! I could never tell you these things in person. But I still think them. I have became a better person because of you. Though you don’t know your my driving force for most of the things I do. Just knowing you exist is enough. Having you would be amazing and I wouldn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I might fail misereably. But I’m so glad you exist! I’m so glad I get to see your beautiful face…most days you are the best part. I just wanted to say it out loud shout it into the void or something. That sometimes people just inspire us and never even know it. Well you my dear have changed me to my core. I love you for this. No matter if you ever know or if it is ever returned. Thank you for being you…thank you. You have been a light in the dark for me. I wish you so much happiness. Even if its not me. But you are loved and you are seen. I see you…and I think this is what love is?

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