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    I am a 15 year old girl adopted when i was the age of 1 to 6 i was in a home i should not have been in. Me and my sisters are half sister we have different dads. Also before i was adopted i was sexually abused by my stepdad he used to take me in the shower and touch me and tell me i am not worth it also my Stepdad is dead now but my mom is not she is in jail and my Real dad he would have taken care of me but he got into trouble and he did not have enough money to take me in so now i am here with a god wink because they love and care for me no matter what i am told i am an amazing writer and that i should be a writer, Or i could be a doctor or even a vet they all say i am very good at taking care of people and pets that is like my passion god made me to love and care for people. God made me to were i love and support people and that i am very good at taking care of things i am not very good at school stuff but i am working on i just think that i love more to help people and pets i am so happy god made me this was but the good news is i am out of that house and i am with people who love and care for me. Also just a note i am christen but i don’t hate gays i love them and i love everyone equal no one is different at the end of the day we are all human and also gays are awesome don’t you dare go around taring them down or i will find you ok so plz be nice

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