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    I’m writing this anonymous letter to remind you of how beautiful life is. Please take it as you will, from any religious or non-religious standpoint. Through many hardships and breath-taking breakdowns, I have realized how important it is to keep going. Our souls have a purpose for us here, hold that idea close to your heart. It may sometimes seem like the present moment is unbearable but if you close your eyes and take a breath, the next moment has already passed. Appreciate times like these when you can create silence in your mind while chaos builds around you. Try to live slowly, love slowly, and let your mind wander. Remember that every morning, light will illuminate the Earth, readying us for the day to come. And the moon will rise over us all in the darkness. Millions will stare into the heart of the moon, contemplating life before falling asleep. We go about this way of existing because we are driven by hope, by a chance that things will change. They will. Travel and experience the world’s wide range of events that play out daily. Put yourself in the seat of a homeless child on the sidewalk. Ask to hear someone’s life story. Use your knowledge to teach someone basic tasks they may have never learned. Be patient and humble. As you take time to better our planet, it will begin to better you. Your personal enlightenment will be gradual. Your soul will be transforming with every passing day. At the end of your journey, I hope you have found forgiveness, kindness, and acceptance for yourself and those around you. Before then, sleep under the stars, drink water from your bare hands, thank Mother Nature for the fruit you eat, and wipe tears from someone’s cheeks. Let yourself fall, climb, learn, and feel it all. Wherever you are, or wherever you will be in the future, let your spirit be free.

    A friend.

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    1. Peter C
      September 22, 2015 at 7:07 pm

      Thank you, friend! What a nice & caring note to send! You have some beautiful thoughts in here, and your images are striking. I really like some of the points you make – “ask to hear someone’s story”, “better your planet.” It sounds as though these are things you’ve learned and are practicing and if so, you are wise.

      Someone once said it is possible to distinguish a truth from a great truth. Truth, if reversed, becomes a falsehood. Great truths remain just as true.

      For example I could just as well say “I’m writing to remind you how terrible life is. All around us, misery and suffering. We distract ourselves with material things and meaningless encounters, millions drug themselves every day to escape even for a short while the unbearable suffering of their lives. We know but do not act on the inescapable fact of the end of our lives; we will all die, and though we may be surrounded by loved ones, we will all die alone. Half of marriages fail, though no one says “I do” thinking they will be one of the statistics. Children who should be loved are instead used and irreparably damaged. Adults who seek love often find only loneliness and pain. Life itself lacks meaning and brings only suffering.”

      But then, as is true for any great truth, what comes next is the same realization as you have. “And yet, and yet… we can soothe the pain of someone hurting. We can wipe the tear of someone crying, even if it is ourselves. While life may not have inherent meaning, we can bring to it our own meaning, so much more valuable because it is our own, it came from our learnings and we can bring it to others. And while our eye may see terrible things, we are capable of encountering great beauty as well. Beauty in nature, in the bend of a tree branch and the fall of a leaf. Beauty in the wet crash of rain and the dark dense clouds. Beauty in others, in ourselves, even beauty and grace in aging, in infirmity, in encountering death itself. Life brings us not meaning but rather a choice. To despair of the random fact of our existence, with all this suffering; or to make a determination to create meaning and help others find meaning and refuge too, whatever that means to you. To build a heaven in hell’s despair.”



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