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    If you’re on this site (which I really hope/think you are) then you shouldn’t have blocked me on Twitter. When I tweeted at you, all I wrote was “Hi (Your Name)” and that’s it. After you blocked me, I deleted that tweet though. Also, you shouldn’t have blocked me on Facebook either. I really don’t think the message I sent was inappropriate. Regardless, I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you. Sorry for everything and thank you for everything.

    I definitely believe that now I have to surprise you… baby.

    I need to show you how much you mean to me.

    In time… soon I promise. I love you baby…





    (No one comment on this letter either, thanks)

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    1. anony
      September 21, 2015 at 7:36 am

      hi… you said no comments, but I’m doing it anyway… how does that make you feel? does it bother you? does it make you angry when your wishes are not respected? do you think that you bother or anger M when you continuously attempt to contact him/her after s/he blocked you? why would you want to chase after somebody who isn’t open to communication with you anyway? communication is key, you know? I’m not trying to judge you or your feelings for M, it is obvious that you are in love… but when love isn’t reciprocated, it takes even more love to let somebody go. M doesn’t love you the same – this is not a judgement, it is a fact, because M wouldn’t have blocked you on social media if she secretly loved you. I know this is a hard pill to swallow, I know because I have been in your shoes. the countless anonymous messages, praying to the universe that you will both reunite one day, thinking that you are twin souls meant to be… but please hear me when I say that God has another plan for you. he may have even compelled me to respond to your letter here… because God works in mysterious ways. you obviously have a lot of love to give, but it cannot be given properly until you are ready… You are not ready yet. I am sorry if you have been bullied or treated poorly here, that is unjust… But you must understand that what is meant to be will be. You are not meant to be with MM, because somebody else awaits you… But you will not come to find this person until God feels that you are ready. You must love M enough to let him/her go first… Release M from your heart & mind, so that you are able to enjoy a love that is shared equally between you and another. Bless you hun, my prayers are with you…



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