• dear you,

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    dear you,
    do you remember me? i bet you don’t. it’s me, B. the girl at the coffee shop. well ofc you’ve met a lot of girls at your workplace but it’s me, the girl who used to come at the coffee shop a few times. do you remember now? if you still don’t, it’s okay. i don’t expect you to remember me because i’m just me, not so special.
    the reason i’m writing you this letter because i liked you. i’m not sure if i still do because i haven’t seen you for quite awhile now. i went to your coffee shop that day but you weren’t there. i was really disappointed. now it’s school holiday so i won’t be going to starbucks for a week. i won’t see you for a week.
    i know you’ll never read this and i’m really glad. i know you don’t like me, the way i like/d you. i still remember that day when you first asked for my name to write on the cup, and you were like Ooooh so this is your name! and your friends teased you and i was smiling like a pig. then when i was playing on my phone you suddenly put your cup on my table then you left and then your friend picked it up and i was like dammit! hahahahah i was really happy that day. you were really cute, super cute.
    you wore a nametag so i knew your name, A. when i got home, i looked for you on twitter, facebook and instagram but you were never found.
    i just want to say, i miss you and i know this is my another weird crush on a random stranger and it’s gonna be unrequited but i really really do like you. good bye, you

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