• Never again

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    Don’t even pretend for a second that you know me. Even the closest people around me rarely get to see a glimpse of who I am. I wouldn’t say messed up, but broke and full of anger. Anger unlike rage erodes, it eats away at your very core. I try and fight it. Pretend that time heals everything and try to forget, not that it’s been working lately.
    The rest is an act, just a way for me to get through the day to day. I smile and charm and try and conform to what is considered the social norm. But that doesn’t mean that I believe in it or belong in it.
    You think that I’m being mean or distant, pushing you away because I’m not interested. It’s not that. It’s that I’m afraid you won’t like the real me. The one that forgot things like trust and faith a long time ago. And I hate that. I hate that everyone’s a pale imitation or someone to just compare her to. I hate the power she still has over me and how I reminisce over old memories after all this time.
    I can’t do this right now. Got to sort out me first before I can be of any use to anyone. Time. Not something I think any of us has too much of. And your time would be wasted here. You might hate me now but I hope someday you realise.
    Im sorry if the act was too good and you fell for it but that ain’t me. And I’d rather be a coward as you said, than a lier. That ain’t my style.
    Be good and never lose yourself. Your better than them.

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