• I have reached the point, of feeling sorry for you..

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    Dear “Anne”
    I have been so busy recently that I only just realized that your birthday just passed. This is a good thing because in past years I would have remembered and it would have brought back memories of you, and what a disgusting person you are… I am now trying to take the advice of friends and counseling that remind me that it doesn’t matter what I think of you. You are ultimately the one who has to live with what you have done. You know the truth of what you are worth deep down inside. You know what a lying, selfish whore you really are. How can I get through, or expect decency from someone like you. Someone who dared to show your face around my children and family in a time of loss. If you were honest with yourself, you would be ashamed of your actions. Did you bring your own husband and daughter to my brother in law’s funeral? I can’t remember.. Only recall the coworkers that were along with you. They all know about you now. I hope you can walk into work every morning knowing that they all know what you are! A friend of mine was so angered by that story that she said she would have beaten your ass if she were in my shoes, that was also a remark that was made to me by another woman from one of your offices… Funny how most woman have a shared hatred for, ” women who have no regard for family,” Your name and your misdeeds have been shared freely. Why should I have to keep your secrets? Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Hope Molly is proud of her mom. Does she ask where your friend from the office went? One of my friends gave me this interesting little scenario..she said that you must s**t your pants a little to think of the possibility of running into me somewhere someday. I think that is probably true of someone who immediately called HR on a NONEMPLOYEE… Guess the thought was that, ” he” needed to ” get a handle on his wife” well, that didn’t happen..

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    2 Responses to I have reached the point, of feeling sorry for you..

    1. poisonlover
      December 2, 2015 at 9:39 am

      “Ann” sounds like a real winner!


    2. karma
      January 11, 2016 at 2:56 pm

      Isn’t that sort of the definition of karma…



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