• You Will Never Know

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    You will never know,
    The thoughts that pass through my head every single day.
    How hard I try to keep them from bringing me down, telling me how worthless I am.
    The discipline it has taken me over the years to finally silence them.

    You will never know,
    That your words break down these walls that I have created.
    The way your doubt and anxieties only pile onto mine, rather than with love and praise.
    How much I have wanted you to be proud of me for once in my lifetime.
    Being my own cheerleader has helped me along the way.

    You will never know,
    That I have entertained the idea of death.
    How comforting the silence has appealed to me.
    To know that all the thoughts running in and out, day by day, could be set free.
    To hang in the balance between choosing a life full of love and light,
    rather than being cold and alone.

    You will never know,
    Why I have chosen to live a life dedicated to helping others.
    Because in our most fragile moments, our souls exposed and vulnerable
    We live to have one person who understands and comfort us.
    Since you couldn’t be there for me, I choose to be there for them.
    Because I can understand helping others more than helping myself.
    And this is what I have grown to know.

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