• To My Sweet Peach

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    Life dimmed the day I lost you;
    When I cast you aside and evicted my joy,
    When a shell remained; light-less and heavy,
    And the dullness settled; lifeless and cool.

    I miss your light that rages and roars,
    That hastens my breath with surging fervor,
    That beats my heart and the blood in my veins,
    And inflames an ecstasy that fuels my life.

    On my knees, puffing, kindle this flame;
    so we can see each other breathing again,
    so we can scream and laugh and roar at the moon,
    And dance naked in the fields, alive once more.

    We are young, and free and living should blaze
    And torch sleep and rest and the dulls of life,
    And cast a glow that thaws the world
    And hangs in the sky for all to behold!

    – Dha Dha

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    To My Sweet Peach

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