• A Writer’s Lament

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    The date kept playing in my head over and over. September the 14th. September the 14th. There was some sort of special meaning behind it. But why? What was so special about that day that makes it so important? Did something happen that day? Was it just a good day? Does the number just seem colorful? What? And then it hit me. . .
    One year.
    It’s been one year from then to now. How is it that it seems such a long time, but simultaneously, such a short distance behind me? So many things can change in a year and so many things can occur in a year. Oh, by the heavens, if I had known then what I know now, things would have been very much different.
    Do not be mistaken! I do not wish for what the life contained before. I wish for what the elegance of the heart shone in its peak. A time of happiness and grace, just before the downfall of friendship and self. Discrepancies between those of us that remain unspoken and unsettled.
    Though life throws you battles, they’re meant to make you grow. You are meant to arise from every hardship scathed, but stronger than you ever were before. Life only stops on the day that when you arise, you no longer have anything to improve or mature. Maturity is the key and growth is the door.
    Now, I speak a lament of the times of the past. A lament not for what was physically had, but for what everyone could strengthen and gain. To this day, I think of the past with such a mix of hiraeth and serendipity. Though, never without that sense of regret and maturity that was gained from its happening.
    Remember, darling, that everything changes. There are strings you release when they no longer can bear to support you, but it’s sometimes worth holding on to those much better left to fray.
    Things change, but it’s up to you to make sure they change for the better. Work for your future and keep old friendships alive, but know that in time, everyone changes. Those that have been released in the past change, and they may now be just strong enough to hold you.

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