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    We’re all human, we all make mistakes not every bad choice has a bad intension. It hurts sometimes when I think of the reasons why we stand where we stand now and although I know the reasons are not as big as you make them out to be it comforts me to and makes it easier to just place the blame on myself, maybe putting the blame on me makes the pain of losing a littler more easy to deal with? That;s probably not the case, the truth is I just want excuses for it not to be your mentality.

    after two years I just wish you would mature, and when a hard situation hits know that the best things in life are worth fighting for. I wish you would not turn your back on me so easily, I wish you could use words and speak with me and hear me out and understand nothing I have ever done was with intentions to hurt you.

    The worst thing in a relationship to me has always been considered cheating? since that didn’t happen in our case i learned the worst thing in a relationship is when you cant or simply choose not to understand the other person. when someone who says they love you with their entire heart can just turn and walk away and break you down with words you could have never imagined to string into a sentence. The pain is more than I wish to handle, I just want this reality to be over with. It’s scary when I think about how bad this hurts, how physically painful it can be to love and lose another person, death is horrible but when that person you lost is walking around and living their life as if you were nothing that, well that hurts so fucking much more.

    I have learned to cope with death and much more, but this is new this pain is something I can’t even understand. I actually don’t want to understand it i just want it to be over. I want to be okay already. does time actually heal everything ?

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