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    To my sunshine,

    I realise its only be a short amount of time, I know things are messy, and complicated but I’ve come to realise we only have a short time on this earth, and I want to spend as much of the time we have left with you. I truely think we could do great things. i understand your hesitatent for the sake of our children, our pasts, things we can not just walk away from, but my how I do hope things work out between us. There’s so much I wish I could just come right out and say, but so many things go unsaid. I sometimes think you’debe better off if i just up and left, but i am to selfish. I like you to much to let you go, I want to make you happy, I feel like I do make you happy, and thats all that should matter. If it this was a fairtale Im sure you would of been my prince and we would of rode into the sunset. Unfortunately or fortunately I can not decide we are not in a fairytale, we both have to precious little gifts and that complicates things. You’ve changed me, you make me feel more alive, you have made me more trsuting of other people because admitly I trust you.


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