• Someday.

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    Someday..This word I have heard since I was a little girl, hearing the fairytales or reading them myself. Someday we will meet, you said to me. Someday, somewhere we will meet, you said. Right now, I have grown up, but I have believed in this fairytale, which has gone bad. This fairytale, told by you. How could I not to? As you were everything I hoped for, only one I loved so much to confess, that I missed you. Maybe you have done the right thing, maybe we are just not supposed to be together. But God help me, why do I love you now, why do I still remember you, everything I have been through, your laugh, your touch, your look…Why have I met you? For what reason? Just to show me, that you exist or as a gift, suddenly taken away from me..So many questions, I am talking to myself, to you, to God. But I hear no answer, I cannot change the way you feel, I cannot change the fact that we may not see each other anymore and I am powerless, little human. And I have done everything in my power to see you again. But I failed. I cried. I dreamed. I begged for you, but I got the silence.
    I am not mad, now, just don`t understand why. Maybe I even got your reasons, you have your own aim to pursue and this fairytale was your escape, you managed to beat the fear, just simply by not facing it.
    Maybe that is for the best, maybe I even believe it now. But, it doesn`t change the fact: I remember you, I miss you, my eyes can still produce tears when I think of you, of the moments we spent together. I loved you, D. Now its in the past. Maybe someday..it will be the truth. Someday.

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    1. a D
      October 10, 2015 at 4:37 am

      I felt every word which moved me immensely. Yet I you could be anyone

    2. A
      November 29, 2015 at 5:08 pm

      Thank you. At moments like this, I wanted this to be read by someone. By D.

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