• lmao

    by  • September 9, 2015 • Disappointment • 0 Comments

    what the fuck lmao!!!!! i’m laughing so hard right now because i thought you were going to be sad for a while. and i know it’s terrible but i was really enjoying your “pity my asshole” fake deep tweets… my god, man’s gotta grow up. and also you’re like 20, calm the fuck down. i don’t know why but you just make me so mad… and i’m sorry for it because, and this would probably be very hard to believe for people reading this pigeons hit letter thing, but i really like you. a lot. but you make me so mad… so your girlfriend changed her mind, but suddenly it’s working out again (or so it seems). okay fine, i’m happy for you. i just can’t think badly of you, even on paper. you fucking suck man. and you told me you were bi and that made me happy but you’re always into girls. girls are awesome but like what the fuck!!!!! okay i’m not angry anymore, this is good. this is great.

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