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      September 9, 2015 at 1:12 am

      Please, don’t take any of this the wrong way, Bundle..

      Even if you weren’t my person of interest, you would never admit it on this site ( or maybe not even in real-life either). There’s also no way to prove you’re my person of interest and there’s no way to prove otherwise.

      Also, why write my name on this site if you weren’t my person of interest? Why do you even frequent this website if you have a boyfriend or fiance? I know if I had a girlfriend or fiancee then I would definitely not use this site…

      Why would you post ANONYMOUS letters about how much you love your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘fiance’? If you were really in a relationship with the subject of your letters like you say, then that’s something that you could easily do directly. Also, why read my letters? Why reply?

      …Why do anything on this site?

      Most of your posts don’t add up, Bundle. I do still think it’s possible that you’re my person of interest but it doesn’t matter. I’ll leave you alone, … soon…

      Regardless of whether or not you’re my person, I’ll always love her.

      Part of me believes she isn’t the same girl I fell in love with…Part of me believes she’s changed.

      The other part of me believes that she’s my soul-mate, that she’s still the same loving-friendly person she always was, that she’s everything I dream about and more.


      I’ wish you the best Bundle, whoever you are.


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