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    I’ll always love you baby…

    I really don’t want to hurt you in any way, shape, or form.

    Unless of course, you ever want me to hurt you, just a a little bit…?

    You can hurt me baby, but not too much. 😉

    I wish I could kiss you and then bite your lip a little baby.

    Maybe you could bite my lip a bit too?

    Maybe a little bit of blood would flow out from your gums and I could taste that precious iron.. 😛

    Our soft, wet lips together-alone would send an infinite amount of electricity in our world; it’d almost be like all the planets aligned and all the galaxies, stars, and solar systems started singing in harmony, just for us.

    I love you so much babe.

    You’re everything to me.

    I miss you.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to see you somehow. I have to spontaneously and randomly surprise you. What if I surprised you in a random place and we made eye-contact from far-away and I fell-in-love with you all-over again but even more intense this time? Honestly, I do believe-in love at first-sight because that’s how I feel about you; I’ve loved you ever since the moment we made eye-contact. I still don’t know if you believe-in love at first-sight or if it was the same for you.. Regardless, I’ve made-up my mind. I need to see you…

    You know you’ll always be number one in my heart and I’m going to keep our memories and my love for you very close to my heart forever. Honestly, I know we were never intimate but you have given me the best memories in the past. Just looking into your eyes and talking to you made me feel like I was in heaven in the past. You’re definitely an angel, baby-girl.

    I will always love you.

    You’re number one and you always will be.

    I’m always wishing you the best.

    Love Always.



    – A

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    2 Responses to Hey M…

    1. Author *
      September 10, 2015 at 4:15 pm

      A few corrections:

      In the third line there’s only supposed to be one, ‘a’.

      In the eighth line, I didn’t mean gums. I meant the inside of your bottom lip. I don’t think biting your gums would be possible and I’m pretty sure that’d be painful, and not hot or sexy…hahaha

      Also in the ninth line, instead of ‘in our world’ I’d want it to be ‘into’ our world.


      Love Always.



    2. September 11, 2015 at 11:52 am

      I wish this letter was for me from I….




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