• To you, from me.

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    To you,
    We started off as friends, though both of us wanted more.. Time went on, the blunts went out, the bottles emptied, we grew up, I had a baby..
    But I never moved on.
    It took us years to admit our feelings for each other at that time, but our window had been missed. I wanted serious, you wanted not so serious. I agreed, even though it went against every fibre of my being. I thought maybe it would bring us closer.
    The first time we did it, we couldn’t stop laughing, we kept looking at each other as if this needed to happen, as if wed been waiting too long to go back now.
    That night ruined my life.
    I lost you.
    I lost my best friend.
    I shouldn’t have agreed.
    I should have just admitted my feelings and moved on. Now I’m back to square one, unrequited, unnoticed love.
    One day, maybe we can share this and laugh.
    Until then, thank you for the good times.
    From, me.

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