• To you

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    I have thought a thousand times what I would say to you if I got the chance. But the truth is I don’t really know. I look at you and want to know more. Just simple things about your day. I’m not in love with you cause I don’t know you well enough. I’m definitely intrigued by you that’s for sure. But I think I want to fall in love with you. I think I’ve started to fall actually. But this is all so new to me. I want to know why you would want me. Your personal reasons. I hate that I care what you think of me. I’ve never cared what anyone thought till you. Maybe that’s why I feel like I could fall. I just have no idea how to fall…n its hard to ask of some one. Do you just say help me fall more in love with you? Cause that’s what I want to know. It pisses me off I want you to be honest. Left me not knowing what to do. I try not to think about you…wonder if your ok. Feelings so many feelings I’m not use to. Thats what you do to me. Maybe I’m scared of rejection. But at this point it would be a releif. Cause maybe I’m not in to deep yet. Maybe you like me too. Maybe not…I just wish I knew for sure?? Its just you make me want to be more you have helped me so much n you don’t even know. This stuff is so crazy n hard to explain. But since I met your existance I just felt unalone. Knowing you existed was like this opiphany. I’ve grown as a person in light of who you are n you don’t even know it. Strange as it is to me to admit. I feel like and always have since day one like I just knew you. Though I know I actually don’t. I wish if there was a chance you felt the same intrigue, that we could just talk. I know its a long shot all of this n regardless things would be ok. But thinking of it now feeling like maybe you might need me too. Makes me happy. Maybe the wonder makes me happy. I just don’t know? But I think of you often n hope you are happy even if you never know I exist. Maybe this letter will be the closes thing I ever get to knowing about what love is. Just this hungry wonder…but I think I see you. The question is do you see me? Maybe I’m in love with the question? But you made me stand still when I saw you. You took my breath away.And you shouldn’t started sentences with and lol. But I just felt home in your gaze.

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