• The Looking Glass

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    Look in the mirror Lady.

    Do you recognize what you see?

    It’s such a jagged, painful pill, to have to gulp Plan D.

    You’re slipping little Lady.

    You’re not the girl I know.

    You’re letting life get to you.

    My Goodness!

    What a show.

    I know you better Lady.

    You’re strong as strong can be.

    You’ve been way down,

    Earned your Lady crown,

    So why now start to flee?

    Best stop it little Lady.

    Fix that Heart and Mind, you see.

    You’ve sacrificed way way too much,

    To surrender your victory.

    Be careful little Lady.

    Don’t sell away your Soul.


    Pain is fleeting.

    In time all pain will go.

    And when you fight,

    You fight to win.

    Go back from whence you came.

    It’s in that place you’ve always found

    The strength to fight again.

    I love you little Lady.

    I’m proud of you, you know.

    I’ve seen your dreams,

    Manifesting in streams.

    “Oh the places you will go.”

    Make haste now little Lady.

    Don’t waste your precious time.

    And when life seems too heavy,

    Seek strength from the Divine.

    I leave you now My Lady.

    Remember to stay True.

    And next time in this mirror,

    I’m hoping to see You.

    ~ SAlt

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    2 Responses to The Looking Glass

    1. Beautiful
      September 8, 2015 at 7:50 pm

      This is beautiful, touching, and empowering. I wish it was for me and though I’m sure it’s not I’m taking it with me.



    2. It's for anyone, and everyone
      November 28, 2015 at 4:27 pm

      Who needs it..

      God bless.




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