• Written not spoken

    by  • September 3, 2015 • Depression • 0 Comments

    There are some things I can’t say to you, right now. For now, I’ll write them here instead.

    I want to thank you for explaining why you hung up on me. It does show you care. Maybe I should have even figured that out on my own. I guess it wasn’t the first time you did this.

    But I didn’t. And it hurt. Oh man it hurt so bad. I really thought we were done. I was depressed for about the next month. My family was getting worried about me. I know the timing wasn’t great, and I put you on a real big spot; it was like a fucking Hail Mary on my part. But you really hurt me then, and your goal, as well-intentioned as it might have been, failed because I was so fucked up that whole month.

    It all works out. We’ve both hurt each other too many times to count. Let’s just not do it anymore, ok?

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