• utopia

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    to the person who thinks she’s not worth it; she never was
    to the person who does nothing but to think of the future; that she will never lived into
    to the people who cannot understand
    to the people who cannot survive

    to fear
    to anxiety
    to the demon that’s inside
    slowly eating my begotten soul
    to that precious pain, i moaned

    hello there to the lucky one that i might be meeting soon, today or never

    i’m sorry if you have to love a flawed, a dangerous and nothing but wrecked at every edged being but was never a human. she who lost her interest in the world as it lost its interest in her. To the moon who created craters inside. for she is a dynamic masterpiece, a rare spice , with edged eyes and a crescent smile.

    sincerely yours,

    girl with a pearl earring

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