• To the light at the end of the tunnel:

    by  • September 3, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    You don’t own me. You don’t scare me. You don’t have the means to make me wail and fall upon my knees. I’ve seen your kind before, and you’re all the same: impersonating a train to crush whatever dreams the desperate create.

    You’ve caught me off guard, but I know your game. You team up with the likes of Depression, Anxiety, and Hopelessness in order to get your own way. To see the strong fall and the weak become destroyed. You consume this claustrophobic tube of earth and concrete, blind your victims, and carry them away into whatever afterlife they anticipate. Sometimes of their own accord, and sometimes kicking and screaming all the way as you drag them down by the ankles.

    But I refuse to be brought down into your cesspool of negativity.

    You cannot fathom the distance we’ve traveled; the battles we have needed to win in order to get to where we are. We’ve worked way too damn hard to permit you to demolish it in your unsatisfied need for control. I love my life. I love the woman and the children that have been brought into it. And I will be the first to starve if it means they may eat. But never will I ever give you permission to waltz into our lives in your narcissistic manner and take everything from us.

    And if you wish to be successful in your endeavors to tear us apart, just let me save you the time and energy now by informing you it won’t happen. Because you’d have to go through me. So go spend that energy on weaker prey, because I refuse to be a victim of your ploys.


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