• Nate,

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    Hi there, I hope all is well. This will be my last letter and I’m ok if you never see it because I’m finally ok to say goodbye and move on in my heart as I should have over 10 years ago. I don’t actually think you’ve read any of my letters but I’d hoped you had in my previous ones, not this time it doesn’t really matter it’s mostly just for my own sense of closure. I finally understand why I was not a good match for you And yes my heart broke but it was that catalyst that made me strong then weak and stronger still. I would not be where I am at all if I did not learn from my loss and miss you I do still but my life is better for it because without that event I would not be where I am today. With the love of my life, my daughter, my intellect, my career, then my freedom. For that I thank you but it did take a long time to get here and I’m not certain I would have otherwise. I do think fate had other plans for you but I also think you lost a very precious person who loved you but could maybe not offer you what others could. All I could give you was my heart and that simply was not enough. We all make mistakes, for that I’m sorry very much but it was not purposeful to hurt you but on the contrary. To protect you. I’m sorry if it worked out the wrong way I so wish I could have mended that indiscretion and had a 2nd chance. For that I’m sorry. I will never seek you anymore and hope you the best. If we should ever run into each other do not be afraid to say hello as I only have warm regards for you. Much love, Happiness, and Health I wish for you and yours!
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