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    I want to kiss you more than anything, baby..

    I imagine it’d be an almost overwhelming feeling of pure and natural ecstasy.

    I don’t know if you know this but, I’ve done pure MDMA four times in my life and it’s an almost-indescribable felling, really. If you took the happiest, most euphoric moment in your life, multiplied it by a thousand, then that is a only a fraction of what the pure MDMA experience feels like.

    You probably know that I used to ‘experiment’ with a bunch of different drugs in the past even though I never told you directly. That’s in the past though and I’ve never done anything hard like coke, crack, meth, needles, or any of that kind of garbage. I’m done ‘experimenting’ with drugs. I still smoke weed and I’ll drink very rarely but that’s pretty much it (Honestly, I’ve only ever drank alcohol probably less than 25-30 times). I’d also do MDMA one or two more times max but only if you wanted to do it with me. I’d definitely smoke weed with you or drink with you no problem. I think that would really help us break the ice between us too but if we were to get intimate, I’m pretty sure I’d want to be sober.

    I imagine hugging you would feel so intimate and euphoric that it would make it seem like any happiness I’ve experienced in the past was non-existent in comparison. If you and I were to hug, I would honestly feel like I died and went to heaven or I’d be trying to wake myself up, thinking it’s a dream too good to be true.

    I have lots of dreams about you. I have/have had more dreams about you than I have about any other person by a long-shot.

    As with this website, I take everything in my dreams with a grain of salt because after all, it’s not reality. I do believe dreams can sometimes give us premonitions but I think it’s a little rare. Nonetheless, I’ve had some very meaningful dreams about you and I still have meaningful dreams about you when I remember my dreams but a lot of the times I don’t remember.

    I’ve had dreams that have come true in the past but I’ve also had the same happen with nightmares..


    You’re the star of my dreams. If I wanted any of my dreams to come true, it’s one of the many dreams where you and I are alone together, just talking. I’ve had multiple dreams like that and they always make me really happy when I wake up but at the same time they make me really anxious.

    I want you more than anything I want in my whole life M. We’d most definitely be happy together. I can satisfy you and keep you more than satisfied forever. I honestly love you with all my heart.

    This is kind of random but, I’m really hoping by Valentine’s Day 2016 that we can be together. I want you to be my Valentine, baby. I just want to shower you with love 24/7/365 and treat you like the angel you are. I honestly adore you.

    I guess I’ll end this ‘letter’ here.

    Sorry that a lot of my letters are so disorganized. I just usually type as I’m thinking.

    I’ll always love you very passionately M; you mean the world to me.




    – A lion

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