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    9 weeks & 4 days. It doesn’t matter. It could be 9 hours & 4 mins; 9 years & 4 months; 9 decades & 4 years and you would still be the same to me. Captivating. I don’t know how else to describe you. From the moment you greeted me, I knew there was something about you I’d like. I just don’t know what it is. Whether it is the way you style your dark hair, your perfect white teeth, your good natured sarcasm or your level of intellect -something just draws me to you. It’s torturous not knowing. Not knowing what it is about you that makes my stomach dance when my phone pings knowing it could be you. Not knowing exactly how you feel about me. Not knowing how to tell you the way I feel about you. Not knowing how many siblings you have, or whether you have any. Not knowing how long to wait before replying to your messages. You see the truth is, there are a lot of things I don’t know. I act a certain way towards you because I panic & don’t know how to open up. I don’t know how to let someone see the real me. Of course this sounds cliché but I don’t know if you’d reject me & make me hate myself for allowing you to break down my walls I use to shield my heart from any damage. I don’t know how to ask you personal questions like “do you have any siblings?” Or “how many children do you want when you’re older?” Because I don’t know how to show you I care. I just don’t know. But you do. You know how to speak to me. You know all the right things to say. You know exactly how to turn me on. You know what it is I want. You know that I didn’t want to delve deeper into the subject of my previous relationship. You know that even though I never message first I still want to talk to you. Maybe that’s what draws me to you so much. You just know.

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    1. Anonymous-Writer
      September 4, 2015 at 1:08 am


      Some people may laugh “9 weeks??! Girl, that’s not enough time to fall for someone!” But you’ve never met him so how would you know? He’s just sexy in every way. He’s way beyond his years.Yes he’s younger than me but why should that matter? Why should it matter when he is such a special soul? Soul doesn’t age. A mind doesn’t age. And those are the things that speak to me. Touch me in every way. Of course it helps that his physical appearance is second to none but that’s not all I’m attracted to. I’m attracted to his level of confidence. His charisma. His ability to brush off my bad moods and make me laugh. His ability to bring out something i never knew I had in me. His ability to go from speaking about casual things to dominating & making me wet through text messaging. He definitely possesses some sort of special power. What it is, I don’t know. All I know is what he is able to do to me through a phone. I have no idea what he is capable of face to face – I can only imagine. And I look forward to that every single day.



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