• Ryan

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    I know you will never be able to read this message, but I hope you will know someday that once in a while, you are what my dreams are made of.

    I don’t know how I fell in love with you this much. I don’t know how you do what you do. It seems so natural, and it takes everything in me.

    Sad to say, you will never fall in love with someone like me. Who would, anyway? Haha. You are everything while I am nothing. We’re a paradox I am yet to understand.

    I hope someday when you find your wife, I’ll be able to see you without a hint of pain in my heart, the same feeling I have to endure everyday. It’s hard to look on to something you will never have, isn’t it?

    I hope, someday, I will be able to accept the fact that I can never call you mine, and I’ll never be yours… I knew it right from the start that it wasn’t me you’re looking forward to every single day. I am the opposite of what you want.

    But if miracles do happen, I hope we can be together. Sadly, miracle is something I don’t believe in. Not anymore.

    Yeah. So this is goodbye, then. Sigh.

    I love you, M.J.C.M.

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