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    So… I’ve been going through this site reading some of these posts and in all the sadness I somewhat find it funny how I can say what I need to here… But can’t bring myself to find the words to tell you the whole truth on how I feel about you, even though I’ve tried to before. I always seem to mess it up or overwhelm you and I don’t mean to, I just wish my heart could speak for me so then you’d know. It doesn’t make sense sometimes I’ve not felt like this about anyone before, I don’t even know what to do anymore and I feel all of this without even having met you. So if it’s at all possible, please stop invading my head, stop distrusting my thoughts and my mind, stop making me jealous of every other couple I see, stop making me dream, stop making me cry to the point where I can’t breathe, stop making me get choked up and have my chest tighten, stop all of it – because all of this… It’s just words on a page but my heart is there with yours, and if you’re not going to take it and treasure it and keep it close to yours… Please give it back so I can start to mend it.

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