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    allergic to “impossible”

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    Perhaps you are right. It’s just… I’ve experienced so many situations in my life where people told me what was impossible. I had coaches who should have inspired and supported me, but the best thing they could do was spreading doubts and finding mistakes in my upcoming ideas. I also didn’t ask for much help,

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    You make me want to be the best person I can possibly be. Thank you. I love you. If we were ever on a date, I’d want everything to be perfect. I’d smell good, you’d smell good. I’d look handsome, you’d look beautiful. Everything would be clean, romantic, and pretty classy. Also, if we were

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    Dear God

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    Dear God, Remember when I was suffering from depression and I turned to you because I was too afraid to ask anyone else for help? And then do you remember when I wrote a poem about you expressing my teenage self “wondering if you just didn’t care or if you weren’t even there”? I remember

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