• Twin Flame Deception and The Dangers of Cybercults

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    I have another message for people out there, people who I wish to reach, people who might be suffering. I’m no leader, or hero, I’m doing this because I feel I must – as a person who has suffered and feels that to sit back and do nothing is the same as letting the horrible morals of our society go and continue on, and is just as wrongful as those who commit it. I’m not here to tell you how the Universe works, if there is a god, or if there is a beginning, if there is such thing as one and two or the nature of world can even be defined by human beings. I’m simply here to suggest some things, to open the mind of those who read this to the possibilities – to other decisions, perspectives even. Because there are those out there who would use your mind against you, those who care not of enslaving others in their own desires and feed off the carnage of the pained and misguided. The mind is both strong and fragile, it can be broken and can be rebuilt – stronger even. The nature of these groups, these people who release things can span in many ways, maybe it is sheer madness – or even genius in terms, however – in the end it all falls to one standpoint. It is people, portraying their beliefs on others, people utilizing techniques they known themselves that can deeply effect our minds.

    Though I seem to be pointing out a single subject with this title, in actuality – this goes for any cult belief. Whether a cult is more progressive, or manipulative, or simply corrupt. In all actuality – whatever light they promise you – is sure to cast a shadow.

    I was introduced to the Twin flame Theory years ago, many years ago. I’ve heard rumors of its existing far before this point I had heard of it – even blatant attempts of connecting Pluto’s entertainments to it as if though he himself said this is what his tale was to mean. To this I tell those people, “Were you there? Did Pluto actually tell you that he meant for this, that this was his choice for this story? Did he want you to term his works for all this that you’ve created, and if so, prove this because form what I see it’s simply a subjective comparison based on your own viewpoints – your desire to inflate your theory and manipulative techniques with grandeur by comparing it to the works of a man so great – he revolutionized the world.” I heed many to open their ears and listen, the net might be filled with information – but how much of this is true – how much of it can you trust? Many of these so called spiritual councilors, gurus, and so called psychics and healers, will base their prowess and theories of understanding and enlightenment on the old words of masters and great figures of the past, people in which they quote and reference their own beliefs to – comparing their ideologies with these people to gather a stronger reputation. But wisdom and creativity draws back to perspective, we must understand that the words of the ancients is a matter of partiality – that we as human beings with our creativity will gather our own messages from their teachings.

    As for myself, I was young, I did not comprehend these lessons and at the time I was weak … I was person searching for truth, a young man who wanted nothing more to be a hero, to know what it means to live a story like the lives of those in the movies and books I read. I was searching, searching hard for more in this world, something to bring happiness and joy to my life … and then I met certain people, I’m not your typical Twin Flame Love connection, no, but it was a mystical experience – meeting such exceptionally intelligent and bright people. I considered them special compared to others … though, what I had not realized is that they studied into very dark things.

    Have you ever heard of the word, “Chakra.” By definition, I would imagine the first thing that would come to mind, is Avatar the Last Airbender. Keep this in mind, I will refer to this again later on as it certainly has importance.

    Chakras emanated from beliefs in eastern cultures – it is difficult to pinpoint its exact origins and thanks to this it’s a rather esoteric concept. It has been stated however, that Buddhist, Taoist and the Shaolin, were known for their beliefs in chakras. The term chakra, refers to a psychoactive energy body that seems to be located around the spine, twirling upwards and conversing at particular points. There are seven main ones, and a vast number of minor chakras.

    If you have ever read the articles on chakras, it seems the very nature of them changes rapidly and consecutively. Some are even said to give you super-powers or psionic abilities, some say they raise the vibrations of your energy and life, some are simply for cleansing your inner-self. I would rather believe in the last, though I will say that Chakras do show some very paranormal traits in terms of how they work. Each chakra is tied to a part of your psyche – yes what builds your mind as it is – chakras, quite literally, represent the very make up of your mind and how you think. There are seven chakras: the root chakra, sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye and the crown chakra.
    No, I will not tell you what chakras are supposed to mean, honestly you should read Wikipedia to get even the most accurate sense of what they do and what they represent. Why? Because as soon as I start saying ‘this is what they represent,’ I am doing something to you, and ‘what?’ you might be asking …

    I am telling you, a person who most likely understands themselves, how to understand themselves the ‘right way.’

    It sounds odd, yes, but. Have you read the articles that circulate out there, do you recall the conversation that Aang had with Guru Patik in the avatar series?:

    Base of the spine

    Sacral Chakra

    Solar Plexus Chakra

    Heart Chakra

    Throat Chakra

    Third Eye Chakra

    Crown Chakra
    Pure cosmic energy
    Earthly attachments
    Crown of the head

    As explained in the series, each chakra is opened, allowing energy to properly flow through the body which is of course the idea of the opening of the chakras, a proper flow of internal and external energy. This isn’t even the breach of what Chakras do, as I advise one to read into the extensive texts of what each chakra meant to the Hindu’s and those who believed in it. It wasn’t something to play around with, and in my opinion, not something that should have just been mentioned so casually in a children’s show.

    The reason I say this is that there is a very dark secret to chakras, it’s what they represent and how others might use them to their advantage. Compare and analyze what you are reading up there, and then read this:

    “Breaking down the self:

    Assault on identity: You are not who you think you are. This is a systematic attack on a target’s sense of self (also called his identity or ego) and his core belief system. The agent denies everything that makes the target who he is: “You are not a soldier.” “You are not a man.” “You are not defending freedom.” The target is under constant attack for days, weeks or months, to the point that he becomes exhausted, confused and disoriented. In this state, his beliefs seem less solid.
    Guilt: You are bad. While the identity crisis is setting in, the agent is simultaneously creating an overwhelming sense of guilt in the target. He repeatedly and mercilessly attacks the subject for any “sin” the target has committed, large or small. He may criticize the target for everything from the “evilness” of his beliefs to the way he eats too slowly. The target begins to feel a general sense of shame, that everything he does is wrong.
    Self-betrayal: Agree with me that you are bad. Once the subject is disoriented and drowning in guilt, the agent forces him (either with the threat of physical harm or of continuance of the mental attack) to denounce his family, friends and peers who share the same “wrong” belief system that he holds. This betrayal of his own beliefs and of people he feels a sense of loyalty to increases the shame and loss of identity the target is already experiencing.
    Breaking point: Who am I, where am I and what am I supposed to do? With his identity in crisis, experiencing deep shame and having betrayed what he has always believed in, the target may undergo what in the lay community is referred to as a “nervous breakdown.” In psychology, “nervous breakdown” is really just a collection of severe symptoms that can indicate any number of psychological disturbances. It may involve uncontrollable sobbing, deep depression and general disorientation. The target may have lost his grip on reality and have the feeling of being completely lost and alone. When the target reaches his breaking point, his sense of self is pretty much up for grabs — he has no clear understanding of who he is or what is happening to him. At this point, the agent sets up the temptation to convert to another belief system that will save the target from his misery.
    Leniency: I can help you. With the target in a state of crisis, the agent offers some small kindness or reprieve from the abuse. He may offer the target a drink of water, or take a moment to ask the target what he misses about home. In a state of breakdown resulting from an endless psychological attack, the small kindness seems huge, and the target may experience a sense of relief and gratitude completely out of proportion to the offering, as if the agent has saved his life.
    Compulsion to confession: You can help yourself. For the first time in the brainwashing process, the target is faced with the contrast between the guilt and pain of identity assault and the sudden relief of leniency. The target may feel a desire to reciprocate the kindness offered to him, and at this point, the agent may present the possibility of confession as a means to relieving guilt and pain.
    Channeling of guilt: This is why you’re in pain. After weeks or months of assault, confusion, breakdown and moments of leniency, the target’s guilt has lost all meaning — he’s not sure what he has done wrong, he just knows he is wrong. This creates something of a blank slate that lets the agent fill in the blanks: He can attach that guilt, that sense of “wrongness,” to whatever he wants. The agent attaches the target’s guilt to the belief system the agent is trying to replace. The target comes to believe it is his belief system that is the cause of his shame. The contrast between old and new has been established: The old belief system is associated with psychological (and usually physical) agony; and the new belief system is associated with the possibility of escaping that agony.
    Releasing of guilt: It’s not me; it’s my beliefs. The embattled target is relieved to learn there is an external cause of his wrongness, that it is not he himself that is inescapably bad — this means he can escape his wrongness by escaping the wrong belief system. All he has to do is denounce the people and institutions associated with that belief system, and he won’t be in pain anymore. The target has the power to release himself from wrongness by confessing to acts associated with his old belief system. With his full confessions, the target has completed his psychological rejection of his former identity. It is now up to the agent to offer the target a new one.
    Progress and harmony: If you want, you can choose good. The agent introduces a new belief system as the path to “good.” At this stage, the agent stops the abuse, offering the target physical comfort and mental calm in conjunction with the new belief system. The target is made to feel that it is he who must choose between old and new, giving the target the sense that his fate is in his own hands. The target has already denounced his old belief system in response to leniency and torment, and making a “conscious choice” in favor of the contrasting belief system helps to further relieve his guilt: If he truly believes, then he really didn’t betray anyone. The choice is not a difficult one: The new identity is safe and desirable because it is nothing like the one that led to his breakdown.
    Final confession and rebirth: I choose good. Contrasting the agony of the old with the peacefulness of the new, the target chooses the new identity, clinging to it like a life preserver. He rejects his old belief system and pledges allegiance to the new one that is going to make his life better. At this final stage, there are often rituals or ceremonies to induct the converted target into his new community. This stage has been described by some brainwashing victims as a feeling of “rebirth.”

    “Cult members come from all walks of life, all age groups and all personality types. However, one common thread among most cult recruits is heightened stress: Research indicates that a majority of people who end up joining a cult were recruited during a particularly stressful period. This could be the stress associated with adolescence, leaving home for the first time, a bad breakup, losing a job or the death of a loved one. People undergoing significant stress can be more susceptible when a person or group claims to have the answer to all of their problems. Michael Langone, Ph.D., a psychologist who specializes in cults, also identifies some psychological traits that can make a person more likely to be successfully recruited, including:

    dependency – an intense desire to belong, stemming from a lack of self-confidence
    unassertiveness – a reluctance to say no or question authority
    gullibility – a tendency to believe what someone says without really thinking about it
    low tolerance for uncertainty – a need to have any question answered immediately in black-and-white terms
    disillusionment with the status quo – a feeling of marginalization within one’s own culture and a desire to see that culture change
    naive idealism – a blind belief that everyone is good
    desire for spiritual meaning – a need to believe that life has a “higher purpose”

    Cult recruiters hang out in places where you might find people in a period of extreme stress or possessing the above personality traits — which is anywhere. Some particularly fruitful recruiting locations might include college campuses, religious gatherings, self-help and support groups, seminars related to spirituality or social change and the unemployment office. In a 1990 article in the San Francisco Examiner, an unnamed ex-cult member commented on how easy it is to get sucked in: “People don’t realize how susceptible we all are. Those smiling faces lead you to buy it when you’re naive and accepting.” She was recruited on the UC San Diego campus when she was 19. Her parents arranged for her to be “deprogrammed” eight years later (more on deprogramming in the “Getting Out” section).
    The main methods of cult recruitment revolve around deception and manipulation. Potential recruits are not told the true nature or intentions of the group. Instead, recruiters portray it as something mainstream, low-pressure and benign. They may tell people at a church gathering that their group meets once a week to brainstorm ways to raise money for a new homeless shelter. They might invite a high school student to a talk about how public service can enhance a college application. Recruiter’s identity the specific needs or desires of their targets and play to them. They learn to pick up on a person’s fears and vulnerabilities and portray the cult accordingly. For instance, if a young woman just went through a bad breakup, and she’s feeling depressed and alone, a cult member might tell her that his group helps people to overcome interpersonal problems and rebuild their confidence for a fresh start. If a man just lost his wife in a car accident, and he can’t bear that he didn’t get to say goodbye to her, a recruiter might claim that his group helps people reach peace in the wake of sudden death.”

    I took these two excerpts from articles that studied on the effects of brainwashing and how cults manifest and choose their beliefs. The first was a study in the late 1950s by psychologist Robert Jay Lifton, who studied former prisoners of Korean War and Chinese war camps who were subjected to brainwashing. The other was article published on the tactics used by cult practitioners. They may sound like two different arrays to you – however, keep in mind that Cults have a strong belief in spiritual warfare and that they will use anything in their power to obtain or manipulate another to their desire.

    And now, I want you to realize something else.

    Cyber-Cults are just as real as the cults who hide amongst society. In fact, they may be even more dangerous. This is because they are able to spread their information so easily across what is considered an open network of people. Cyber-Cults have the same techniques, the same actions as these other cults – except that they can feel comfort in being able to extort a vast tool used to deliver information without completely exposing themselves to the public or exposing their true motives of their actions.

    So now, with this in mind – look to the massive amount of information about chakras and enlightenment; and yes the Twin Flame Theory is no exception.

    Let me compare some things, so that all of you can see for yourself what might be going on here … :

    Root Chakra: Security and Fear …
    Reading all you read above, have you realized that most of this stuff deals with our inner emotions and how we view ourselves. Honestly, fear makes us do many things, things others would consider wrong, or inhuman, or in this case to make decisions that we normally wouldn’t make. People who fall into these traps are likely to be scared their lives will remain unsatiated, that their desires will not be sought after. After all, we live in a world that practically worships celebrities … This people will feel they will never be happy again, not until they fulfill what their inner desires ask for. In the eyes of the Twin Flame motif, people who have dealt with abuse, depression, and love problems want a promise of love that is undying, that transcends others. The Twin Flame ideology tries to facilitate this by saying they will fall in love with someone who is like their other half a perfect yet imperfect union that transcends all bonds even that of your mother apparently. This type of appeasement is seen in all forms of Cult beliefs, ideals ranging in enlightenment and such – the Twin Flame Theory is no exception and due to the vivid amounts of information on the web being released, scrapped and released some more – many find themselves falling for its promises in more than one way … And manipulation of the ideologies of chakras is one way we see them doing this. They have many other ways as well, which I shall get into eventually. They connect to your fears and what makes you secure, they tell you a way out a way to escape this and that there is nothing for you if you go on the path beforehand, because they have found a solution. The fear of never being able to find someone that can love you as perfectly and powerfully as what they consider to be your twin. This type of manipulation is prominent in cult ideology, comparing latent subconscious fears with the ability to finally escape and find truth – in this case, a love that might never cease, or one that transcends bonds – and of course, enlightenment.

    Sacral Chakra: Pleasure and Guilt.
    Guilt: You are bad. While the identity crisis is setting in, the agent is simultaneously creating an overwhelming sense of guilt in the target. He repeatedly and mercilessly attacks the subject for any “sin” the target has committed, large or small. He may criticize the target for everything from the “evilness” of his beliefs to the way he eats too slowly. The target begins to feel a general sense of shame, that everything he does is wrong.
    Dependency – an intense desire to belong, stemming from a lack of self-confidence
    Unassertiveness – a reluctance to say no or question authority

    All of these effects can stem from guilt prior to the decisions or events that happened to us in life… Guilt drives many of us to become unassertive or become dependent on others due to what we feel is our own weakness. Cult beliefs capitalize on this heavily… and the reason is that with guilt, you can shatter a person and bring to them to the next point of molding – which is shame. How does the Twin Flame Theory do this? Again, its subtle, but the way it’s done is by projecting the fact that the two bound together is dealing with Karma, past lives, and actions they may have committed in these lives and or those obsessively believing in these ideologies, cleaning Karma from past experiences and coming together to create a more fruitful life is the goal – which is therefor driven by their imaginations. However, this is simply a ruse, the guilt you feel is simply feeding what is really a dependent and unhealthy relationship. Once your imagination is turned against you – everything you love may suddenly go against you. In Jungian Psychology – when the Anima, the feminine portion of the brain that governs creativity loses control, it becomes what is called Anima Possession where the persons mind is suddenly overtaken by their own mental constructs. This event can become seriously damaging to the mind, even beyond repair – yes people, they study this themselves, they must know of it considering they make constant references to the nature of Animas and Animuses inside these theories. Whenever these people separate, and I’ve seen this on sites and it has been remarked on many other sites as well, these people become so overwhelmed by the poisonous nature of it, that they immediately refer to a ‘guru’ or a spiritual psychic, someone who has the ability to ‘help’ them with their so-called spiritual crisis. They will either ask for pay, or ask that the person remain with them and tell no one of what they are doing, or other things like impose on the person’s ex-lovers(supposed twin’s) life (casting fire to the already dangerous relationship) or meditate on them to further enwrap this person with dependency and depression – increasing the cults chances of gaining a follower and filling their pockets with ‘charitable offerings…’

    Solar-Plexus Chakra: Willpower and Shame
    Self-betrayal: Agree with me that you are bad. Once the subject is disoriented and drowning in guilt, the agent forces him (either with the threat of physical harm or of continuance of the mental attack) to denounce his family, friends and peers who share the same “wrong” belief system that he holds. This betrayal of his own beliefs and of people he feels a sense of loyalty to increases the shame and loss of identity the target is already experiencing.
    Dependency – an intense desire to belong, stemming from a lack of self-confidence
    Gullibility – a tendency to believe what someone says without really thinking about it
    Desire for spiritual meaning – a need to believe that life has a “higher purpose”

    And these can certainly stem from shame. As we began to believe that we are our worst enemy, that we even have the ability to betray ourselves and our inner core – we lose faith in ourselves. And when we lose faith in ourselves, we turn to others, asking of help because we do not trust our own intentions. Cults will take advantage of this, they will either do it to gain followers or something else from you, something more material. Remember that numbers are power. For the case of Twin Flames Theorist and Advocates, it’s not as easy to see due to the fact that the people spreading it are doing it for reasons for more than just followers – yes, some groups are doing this because they truly believe in this theory. But others have other means, you see, so called healers, and psychics out there have realized that when a person truly wants something, they are willing to give anything for it. Whether it be money, or other materialistic things of the sort. So they advocate this belief, wait for the person to return in shame and need of help, and then tell them – for a price – that they can solve their issue or help them on the way. Don’t believe me?:


    Of course, it’s all subjective, how would I know at the end of all this right? But if you were to search, most of the people who advertise this belief ask for something in return, it may not be upfront, but they will mention it with healing seminars, readings, and more. And how does this shame tie into the Twin Flame Cultist? Shame to them becomes a double standard – though some will say that the twin is not the other person, some will counter this and say the theory states otherwise – so the person will feel shame for not only themselves, but the other person for whom they feel they are connected to. Ashamed in the actions they may have taken before or afterwards, or even what they feel they may have done in a past life. Deep shame, a shame you feel you had before you were even born? Painful.

    Heart Chakra: Love and Grief
    Leniency: I can help you. With the target in a state of crisis, the agent offers some small kindness or reprieve from the abuse. He may offer the target a drink of water, or take a moment to ask the target what he misses about home. In a state of breakdown resulting from an endless psychological attack, the small kindness seems huge, and the target may experience a sense of relief and gratitude completely out of proportion to the offering, as if the agent has saved his life.
    Channeling of guilt: This is why you’re in pain. After weeks or months of assault, confusion, breakdown and moments of leniency, the target’s guilt has lost all meaning — he’s not sure what he has done wrong, he just knows he is wrong. This creates something of a blank slate that lets the agent fill in the blanks: He can attach that guilt, that sense of “wrongness,” to whatever he wants. The agent attaches the target’s guilt to the belief system the agent is trying to replace. The target comes to believe it is his belief system that is the cause of his shame. The contrast between old and new has been established: The old belief system is associated with psychological (and usually physical) agony; and the new belief system is associated with the possibility of escaping that agony.
    Dependency – an intense desire to belong, stemming from a lack of self-confidence
    Disillusionment with the status quo – a feeling of marginalization within one’s own culture and a desire to see that culture change
    Desire for spiritual meaning – a need to believe that life has a “higher purpose”

    Again, they have invaded very personal and deep areas of your psyche, understand that the exact methods they use are far more subtle than this. Loss of those we love and the trauma we experience afterward effects all of us deeply. Some to the extent that they will fall into the categories above in terms of dependency, disillusionment, and a desire to connect more to spirit. Many teachings, especially some cult ones will say that their deities or their beliefs represent love itself and that there is no purer love to be found than theirs. In terms of Twin flames, it boast that the love is of the divine itself – since they believe that every being born into the universe must have one. Which is strange, considering the nature of the world where anything can be possible … or impossible.

    The world …

    You see, love is not just about others, we must also learn to love and respect ourselves as well. Deep love for our own inner mind and the others around us is what keeps us internally strong – and we must be both internally bolstered and externally bolstered as well. However, when we lose love within ourselves, and you’ve probably heard this a thousand times but I must reiterate it, we weaken our own resolve and our ability to defend ourselves from those out there who would try to harm us. It might sound like a cheesy line from a movie … but if you keep in mind one thing, many movies reference to this. Oddly, the Twin Flame Theory does the exact same thing, referencing movies constantly as being about Twin Flames – some maybe being right, others never even mentioning a connection to this theory – that or just being a very cheesy love movie. For us to be not just physically healthy, but mentally as well, we have to strengthen our love for ourselves.
    For those out there caring to read, I’ve been in that situation, were I lost love for myself, overcome by shame, guilt, fear and of course lies and the illusions of this harsh world we live in. I wanted more, I wanted to feel like life was something worth living for and I lost hope. I was the perfect target for them, these people, who come like wolves disguised as sheep. Cyber-attacks make it even worse, as you cannot see the true nature of the person you are meeting. They know what you want, that’s why they advertise finding beauty and finding your purpose, twisting their tales constantly so others can’t understand or disprove them – backing their cunning words with double-standards and dualities. But they are simply theories – theories they are trying to pass off to you as truth. If a person had another half – are you sure they were meant to come together? When two atoms combine, or are split – they create energy, yes? Is the energy they create always positive? Think Hiroshima? Think of what happens when oxygen particles combine with rust – is that always positive? These people will play as if no harm or evil can come to you while you experience their teachings – that it creates ever-lasting light and beauty. But stand to close to a ray of light, and eventually it will start burning – and burn is just like a scar, it takes time to fade away.

    Throat: Inner Truth and Lies
    Releasing of guilt: It’s not me; it’s my beliefs. The embattled target is relieved to learn there is an external cause of his wrongness, that it is not he himself that is inescapably bad — this means he can escape his wrongness by escaping the wrong belief system. All he has to do is denounce the people and institutions associated with that belief system, and he won’t be in pain anymore. The target has the power to release himself from wrongness by confessing to acts associated with his old belief system. With his full confessions, the target has completed his psychological rejection of his former identity. It is now up to the agent to offer the target a new one.
    Gullibility – a tendency to believe what someone says without really thinking about it
    Low tolerance for uncertainty – a need to have any question answered immediately in black-and-white terms
    Naive idealism – a blind belief that everyone is good

    Again, they will feed you with double standards and dualities. This is the truth, however, there is of course more to the truth –and how you look at the truth will change it as well. Please, open your eyes, these people are playing with your conscious. Our analytical side feeds off these kinds of things – it’s part of their nature to try and understand them – when they tell you that your allowing your nature to overcome your senses – it’s actually quite backwards. Your analytical side is simply trying to understand its situation – if something transcends understanding, our minds tend to let it go. But how can we in this situation if we are being told we must ignore understanding without pain and more – your analytical side reacts defensively as well – it’s how it protects you from things that would normally harm you. Once you call your analytical side evil and wrong and try to silence and hush it, you’re starting to destroy yourself, an important part of what makes your decisions and actions every day. We all have the animal in us, the part that reacts defensively – yes, it can be bad if it goes out of control, but if we ignore it as well things can go just as wrong. Balance, we need this. And don’t let these people tell you what balance is as it’s different for everyone.

    Third Eye Chakra: Insight and Illusion
    I think anyone with a sense of right and wrong, anyone who can compare and deduce – can look up there and see some weird connections without me having to say it, what you are doing when you do this – is using your insight, your intuition. If your intuition is anything like mine, it’ll prod at the fact that these teachings seem to be playing on the fact that everything you were taught or everything you know is just an illusion constructed of this world. Like when Guru Patik explains to Aang that we see the world as many, when really it is one. And in context he is right, we truly are all connected to some sense and extent. Is it the whole truth? Well, that’s a matter of opinion really. Yes, this world has many illusions. What is real, and what isn’t, what is true and what’s a lie. Sometimes illusions can be so mesmerizing that we believe it’s real – or at least naïve child right, who doesn’t understand the tricks a magician might pulling to saw a man in half. But even when we are older – illusions can still play a deadly roll in our life. In psychology, there is a reference of something called “Delusions of Reference:”

    “The effect that believing this is happening creates in a person who would normally behave rationally, what are known to psychologists as “delusions of reference”. Their decision making abilities will be reduced to “flipping a coin” at the drop of a hat, or the “sight of a number” a person is encouraged that they are on the wrong path, or that they are suddenly on the right path.”

    We are truly mystical, human beings. There are certainly things we don’t understand about ourselves very well – though have much clout and reality and cannot truly be disproven. Like monks who can control their thermal energy, people who can touch you with their eyes, things like empathy and the world of Psionics. I am not going to tell you what is real, like if a person can move things with their mind or not – I’ve never seen, so I honestly don’t know – have I seen stuff like it. Well, maybe. It’s hard to say – I honestly couldn’t prove any of it. Do I have to prove it – depends on who I am speaking to, a person who will accept that maybe something really weird happened to me, or someone who simply won’t believe in it and will need proof to understand. Which is understandable in of itself.

    How do cults use this? Many ways. They will reference if you feel certain unexplainable physical sensations, see numbers at a certain time, or even things like, ‘if it rains today, that means you are going to see something happen.’ It happens a lot with these things and that partly how they get us. In the Twin Flame Theory, they will reference so many thing to us its ridiculous after a point. Number manipulation, which cults have used for a long time: http://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,86792,86801
    Symbolic literature, images, like the infinity symbol, the Yin-Yang symbol, many others out there, Zodiac symbols, stars pendants and even more. Things you may see or be referenced to everyday of your life. If you told a child that that an apple represents the black witch of Snow White every time they went to eat it, or they watched the movie over and over again – some would start to believe it. Beliefs of this nature have been seen throughout history – trust me, it’s no different than the rest of them. If they have already turned your imagination against you – then things will only become worse after this point.
    Another is physical sensations, or what they may try to make you believe is metaphysical sensations. Many times these sensations start after meditation and things of that nature – or what Twin Flame Cults will do, which is meditating on finding your twin and things of that nature. Meditation is a form of relaxation of both the mind and body. We can start twitching, relaxing muscles – many things during or even after the meditation process. For people who are not use to this, these sensations can be extremely strange and can often times be interpreted as spiritual awakening and magical presences.

    If you do Yoga as well, this will make the experience even more stranger as yoga stretches, relaxes and effects a lot of the bodies’ nerves and muscles we normally don’t effect, causing strange sensations that almost feel like they are emulating around us and not truly in us.

    Honestly, I don’t think I need to explain any more on the connections between cults other malevolent things of that nature. Its obvious that the whole Attachment thing is meant to shift and confuse your perspective on your so called TF Experience in the first place. This was a well-designed farce that people are using to extort money and infamy from others at the cost of people’s psychological well-being. Don’t believe me? Look up Twin Flame Cults, watch how many of these people ask for money and donations to earn their keep in life. And then look t the recent case of woman stalking a celebrity because she also believed they were twin flames.

    Sadly, if you watch a lot of radio shows and Cable Television adds, you’ll see things like, ‘meet your celebrity soulmate,’ or get your celebrity reading …

    People are extorting others more than ever in this age, because the digital world allows us to.

    And some will say, ‘well, these people aren’t representing our beliefs, they are misusing it. Besides they haven’t gone through it enough to tell if it’s a real experience.’ is that truly an excuse? This is what you are advocating by the way, what you are continuing to fan despite it being a wild fire consuming the lives of others. Haven’t gone through enough? I know people who have been going through this for almost ten years, far past even knowing the person. They still suffer from the attacks, the mental trauma that it caused them, voice constantly put them down showing them hatred for leaving what they thought was to be their ultimate love and life – personality disorders, schizophrenia.

    Some of these people kill themselves. And this is supposed to be beautiful? This is horrible, and they shake the consequences and any connection by saying it was ‘their fault,’ and that, ‘they failed their mission.’

    Don’t let psychopaths hurt you like this anymore, if you are someone out there hurt by this, I promise you there is more to what’s going on than what these people are showing you.

    Be sure to read these as well, they might open you up to even more of the truths these people are doing:
    I am here to illuminate the shadows of a teaching that passes itself off as pure light.

    Emotional Rape


    58 Responses to Twin Flame Deception and The Dangers of Cybercults

    1. Copy paste
      August 28, 2015 at 6:04 am

      Copy paste copy paste copy paste.

    2. interesting post
      August 28, 2015 at 5:52 pm

      lol the twin flame is really messed up experience. Yea I ‘m sure many websites are scams…but I can’t help but understand to what they say because I’ve lived through it ,co-dependency. Its very different being the person that believes in it …to the one who is in disbelief and disregards it all together to fit in with society or is possibly oblivious to the “one experiencing it”. You convince yourself you’re obsessed , but it always keeps coming back to you. That feels like truly hell the first few months. . Maybe there are some bad people in the world who would use this experience for evil and control, but I doubt that is the majority. You sound like you know a lot and have experienced this connection or surely skeptical or may have felt humiliated or have been hurt before, just an assumption. This connection is like looking at your favorite mirror in your house, the one that defines you, and a hammer being thrown right at it at the most delicate possible moment in your life. Logically, you should hate this person…because they treat you like dog shit or an animal, but maybe the universe is trying to tell you something . Yea this connection is not for the light of heart, I am aware of how this can lead to cyber-stalking, depression, and suicidal thoughts due to being the one left without reason or closure can drive any person to feel worthless. If someone gives there heart out to you…please be at least be mindful with the situation. Even the way you reject someone can play a huge role, in the way they will treat you in return. Boundaries is a huge thing but in the twin flame connection…it feels like there are no boundaries because it does feel like you’re connected by some invisible string especially for the chaser compared to the initially oblivious runner. You feel so connected to them that it hurts like hell when they are distant or lie to you because you have an intuition. Even if they told you that they don’t like you, at least you will have closure, but you never get even that. But the high you feel, when you meet them cannot be described and by meeting not just talking about physically but being aware and noticing “the reason” they were brought into your life,the synchronicity, almost like it was meant to happen…a once natural scenario then becomes a personal event to the subjective mind experiencing it. It’s not at like a crush at all. You don’t even get nervous around this person if you are normally nervous around women. Even asking them out seems natural. Lol I don’t read the spiritual sides of twin flames that much from people with an over inflated ego just because they are with their twin flames, even if they do have some experience with the phenomena. They always think they know everything which hurts their ethos for their argument. If you actually do believe in something for example like religion so strongly you’ll be surprised of the mysticism that will soon follow, it will drive you looney if you’re a rational thinker because it will open up to correlations regarding your life that can’t be explained by mere chance. Nobody truly knows whats on the other side…but it takes at least a some sort of effort of belief to break through that perspective like “ghosts” for example, and this “twin flame phenomena” you describe is definitely one of those many stepping stones to break through to the spiritual psyche. I wouldn’t discredit the existance of twin flames…but I do agree on the dangers and misconceptions of the theory, especially the Disney fairy tail bullshit they feed you. I believe that some twin flames are really at heart “insecure, broken, co- dependent people.” The experience will surely show that to them, as it did to me. The beauty is once you’ve lost , nothing comes even close to that same lost. I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, no matter how rare it is to find one..If you don’t like your self I wouldn’t recommend yearning for this experience,its heaven or hell, sorry to say but there is no in-between. Years go by and I think about what happened every day, compared to naturally moving on and forgetting about a person. Not sure if it’s PTSD, but it is something that stays with you.

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 1:50 am

        If you ‘naturally’ move on from twin flame. Unnatural spirits or demons attack you….

    3. In reply to interesting post
      September 2, 2015 at 1:42 pm

      interesting post*

      I’m trying to understand your reason for writing this …

      I can’t even really absorb all this right now. PTSD, well maybe.
      Not for me, not this, this ‘experience’ or ‘phenomenon,’ you want to call it, didn’t do that for me. And sadly saying anything about it feels like baiting others to flaunt their egos and say how amazing it is.

      You see, I don’t think about it. The schizophrenic voices in my head do, uncontrollably, no matter how long I scream into the shattered mirror you want to make it out to be. Mocking me, tormenting me. Try to play brave with them, I dare you. Watch what happens. They cut me apart, mentally, psychosis every day of my life, not a single moment of rest. I didn’t chase, or run. I couldn’t, life swept me away without a choice in the world. Psyche wards, megalomania, the full bundle – courtesy of the Twin Flame Experience.

      By the way, there were no hearts being given out; and it wasn’t just some beautiful woman who made herself out to be my perfect match. It was a family of people, involving me in things I had no idea of. Instead I fed my heart to my own inner demons for months. I thought I was king of the world, a psychotic episode of me flying through the sky, purifying the planet. Then, I came back to reality. My personality split into so many, all of which hating me for not realizing the errors of my ways.

      Reality, oh’, let me talk about that subjective little thing. Because honestly I can’t say if any of this is real anymore, this tormenting pain, something I was pulled into for what? Hm, I don’t know. Not to sound depressing but I don’t see much in this world, I thought I could save others from this kind of pain, but it seems too many of people wish for it without being ready for the reality of things, and that there’s always something out there waiting to fool us.

      This is my last chance, I don’t have the energy or the power anymore. I made this message to protect others, but now I see there really wasn’t a point after-all. If people can look at it the way you do, I guess I can’t complain right? I guess I just have to look at this event in my life and make it into something right? Even though it took the love I have for all the things I kept precious to me away. Turned my mind against me, and I’m just not strong enough to fight it.

      Honestly, I need to prove if this is a dream or not, if this is all worth it, I’m just not one to put in effort and suffer nothing for nothing. I know one way that will prove it. I intend to do so soon.

      Until then, whether you’re real or not, I’ll just say goodbye, hope this was all worth it. But it certainly wasn’t for myself.

      • Laurel
        February 9, 2017 at 4:23 pm

        Hey, i’ve gone through this and lately seen the horror life can get to, but the truth is, i have noticed though things are getting scarier on the planet, it is actually cleaner energetically, at least where I am, I think all us crazies focusing our energy on healing the planet while the demons/whateverwebelieve are torturing us has actually made a difference and the fact you focused on the good rather turning to hate has made a difference as well so if thats the only thing, at least there is something. Hope you are well.

    4. Broboy
      December 13, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      Wow, this is glorious OP. Amazes me that people can’t see this stuff happening the way it does.

      You wanna know what’s sad though, I love how when you make this, immediately someone who is obviously butt-hurt about what your typing post up some shit about you must be ‘so hurt and abused’ or, ‘you’ll never know this experience” kind of sht. Whoever wrote “interesting post” I love how you talk about how people make it sound like they are best and going through the best thing in world and are above others, and you’re makingthis guy feel like a person playing victim for posting info on people doing messed up sht in world. Grow the hell up man. You say it isn’t a majority? Bro have you not heard of the chick who ran after a Celeb because she thought he was his twin flame or some sht. Did you not read how most, if not all the people who support this kind of sht wants nothing but money, and have you not seen all the forums. HELL IT IS A MAJORITY MAN, its almost ALL OF THEM.

      Really dude, you gonna make a response like that to this guy? He’s not even talking about how paranormal and sht this stuff is, he’s pointing out that this stuff is f-up and meant to mess with people’s minds bro. He’s pointing out that this Twin Flame stuff is messing with people’s heads and that people are hurting and taking advantage of people through it. So what if its long read, that’s apart of life, sometimes you gotta read stuff, but don’t sit there make out what he’s saying as being wrong or try to overcloud it with bull-st about how your experience was valid – because honestly it just shows you have an ego too bro. A huge ego enough to make others think that he’s wrong and that you’re right because you went through it.

      Seriously, GROW UP.

      Also, OP, if you were that third post, don’t say stuff like that man, you don’t have to be depressed, people know this stuff happens to others and they know people out there are taking advantage of people. It isn’t right acting like that, it just makes you appear weak. Stay strong man, you are a strong person! And you are brave and outspoken to point out how f’d up this stuff i.

      I’m just happy you actually have the balls to speak up about it. Keep going bro, you got this!

      • iferahk
        June 29, 2017 at 5:33 pm

        So well said

    5. cuzhecan
      December 14, 2015 at 6:56 am

      oh yo Broboy it gets better!


      yeah, he posted a shorter not as long one since people complained it was a long read.

      look at the reply he got.

      also, dude who wrote interesting post.

      what are you even trying to say? why are you defending these people? you just stated in there some people might use it for bad, but then say that a majority doesn’t do it, what that makes up for the fact its being used wrongly and that he pointed it out? its all over the internet dude, how many sites do you see asking for money and shit, I just looked some of them up the big ones like that golden ray shit and some of these other forums ask for money or some kind of compensation or donations and shit.
      also why so passive aggressive dude?
      when I was reading you comment, something about the way you said all it just irks me man
      spitting shit about codependency and then your making him out to be hurt by all this, its obvious you got some kind of issue with him- why else you post all of that as if though it isn’t suppose to hurt him?
      its like your trying to tell him, ‘sorry you got used and abused, now shut up and stop complaining about your issues.’ That or ‘sorry bro, just happens to people, like you, now tis is what happened, now live with it.’ dude he posted message about how people are being fucked up by shit, and you come at him like that? in fact, you honestly sound like the exact people he’s been talking about, being hella shady with how you came at him with that aren’t you?

      it just sounds like you’re angry, he wrote something that makes this tf shit sound like a mess of crap, so you decided to try and make him feel bad for this shit, really dude-you think we can’t see that, cuz i can

      you don’t sound humble, you don’t sound cool, you sound like an ass

      BTW person who wrote this keep kickin, you’re just spreadin a message

    6. Broboy
      December 14, 2015 at 12:37 pm

      WTF ….

      What the hell did I just read?

      What the hell is she even talking about? O_O

    7. Shela
      December 14, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      I knew there were some crazy people in the world but that’s just horrible

    8. Interesting post
      December 14, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      Well to each their own I guess, to the previous comments attacking me. I have grown up, I have come to believe that soulmates do exist, but not in the way you expect, as in the person that will complete you or love you at first sight. The people that write about twin flames, I understand what their pain to some degree but don’t encourage the ones trying to make money off people. THE TWIN FLAME IS NOT A PERSON, IT IS AN ESSENCE WITHIN YOU THE REFLECTS ALL YOUR BIGGEST DREAMS AND YOUR WORST FEARS BUT SHOWS YOU WHO YOU TRULY ARE ON A SUBJECTIVE LEVEL AS WELL AS SPIRITUAL, I do also believe that OP has experienced “this concept” to some degree. People like the second comment in my opinion I find ignorant and skeptical who are one of those weirdos that attack people for having an opinion of higher belief, just because a person believes in Scientology, does not make him a threat to society, If he has good morals and a good heart, and DOES NOT FORCE HIS BELIEFS ON PEOPLE ,even if he chooses to spend money on his religion (WHO ARE YOU TO TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY FROM HIM AS HE HAS HIS FREE WILL) to each their own. I did not attack OP and if you re-read my post, I still am defending the twin flame argument, but not discrediting OP at all, but I find it interesting, how you read it like that. To answer your question, I defend it because I’ve experienced this twin flame phenomena to some degree, your opposition to believe me is your own choice, but you lack Ethos in your defense, for not taking another viewpoint in consideration. As for the Ryan Gosling twin flame incident, that is why It’s so dangerous to not be grounded by these beliefs, without being open to the judgments society will bestow upon you for what you feel. Empathy, I don’t see one comment that shows any real depth of it. I do find OP’s message interesting as it highlights many important issues behind the topic, open for debate, that even real twin flames should be aware about. Maybe you should grow up, and learn how to debate and be open to criticism, it’s a harsh world out there kid, and your comment shows no sense of attempt and lacks poor judgment, to see my perspective.

      • Eliza
        September 19, 2017 at 5:49 am


        I’m sorry I just wanted to point something out. Firstly, you mention being ‘attacked,’ in your post which is odd becuase most of the people who are referring to your post are doing so out of disagreement with your statement towards the original poster. Though those posters were simply letting you know that your post seemed indifferent and showed some disrespect to the original poster who is simply trying to say that many of these people who are involved in this belief are mistreated.((dont get me wrong on this, I believe both sides were being a little rude, you included in your opening to his regards on this topic)) You state they have a right to their belief and that people have a right to expend money on said belief. Which is true. But that isn’t as simple as what is going on here. What he is referring to is that people have found ways to turn this into a psychological trap meant to subvert the human psyche and as such is being used unjustly to harm and take advantage of others. It is simply wrong. And he wants people who have been misused this way to be aware of why they are suffering, becuase no matter how strongly you may feel about this belief, it can be misused, and there are people who are dealing with unimaginable amounts mental suffering becuase of it. The way you posted what was written in the beginning, it can come off as stand-offish and unfeeling towards the OPs desired message. You disregarded much of what he said and made it sound like the people suffering becuase of this abuse is minuscule to some bigger picture this belief system is trying to portray.

        I just wanted to show you what that sounded like to the eyes of some of the people reading this.

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 2:04 am

        Don’t get confused between empathy and sympathy. Empathy does not require you to be loving or nice.

    9. Interesting post
      December 14, 2015 at 4:11 pm

      And you are right, I am not humble, I am not a nice guy, I am passive aggressive and I do not apologize for it , I do not owe you respect as you are not (entitled) to it. I was just giving my perspective to the concept. I encourage OP to keep his beliefs, and encourage your criticisms upon mine, as I have a right to defend my argument. And to cuzhecan, I am sorry if I came off like an asshole, The twin flame is a mess of crap…I wrote my response because I Identified to exactly what Op felt, depression at its worst. I am an asshole, but at least I am not fake like the white knight in shining armor you try to be, I am not humble, and I did not see my intention as making Op feel like shit. Maybe you should also take some anger management classes, because your response sounds a bit stressed as well, no offense.

    10. @in reply
      December 14, 2015 at 5:54 pm

      “Hell its a MAJORITY MAN, its almost ALL OF THEM”-I’m sorry to point out, but this is a fallacy in your statement, because you’re blaming a whole group for the mistakes of some people. You see that in, racism man. What is wrong with you? Can you not see how much the hypocrisy is in your opinion. Also OP did not write the third comment, as you suck at grammar, but then again I am not perfect as well. OP is intelligent as I can see by his writing. Maybe you should stop making assumptions about me, and my intent of my comment because you are not me. You did not know that I was not discrediting him, so I forgive you for that, but please..learn how to write and argue. I know the internet is informal but at least try to talk in a professional manner, that doesn’t make you look like a child or I will talk to you like a child.

    11. thesadpartis
      December 15, 2015 at 4:11 am

      The sad part is this article does come off as “offensive”, though I can see how its intentions are for the greater good to not be malicious, do you think I wanted my twin flame runner to run from me “hell the fuck no”. Did I even research or know about twin flames and stalk a total stranger to simulate “a soulmate twin flame experience for the malicious attempt to control,” hell the fuck no. Did I believe God before I met this person, yes. Was there some creepy out of this world experience connection that I felt with person revolving God, yes. Did I plan on it, or even look for it , or is a part of a cult that I pay money to, “Hell the fuck no.” Did I know the twin flame concept existed on the internet before meeting, hell the fuck no.” Do I stalk my twin flame “Hell the fuck no” boundaries exist for a reason. Do I consider myself a twin flame ,maybe. Get your facts straight and not put everyone into this bullshit category, cults have a negative connotation and is not to be taken lightly from the honest perspective of yours truly, a messed-up butt-hurt twin flame runner.Signing out.

      • Rebecca
        May 11, 2017 at 8:36 pm

        Thank you for saying this

      • OP
        July 16, 2017 at 9:28 pm

        Then I truly apologize.

        Hopefully I’ve given you proper time to vent.

        I was quite upset when I wrote this. I mean, how would you feel knowing some people decided to exploit your need and desire for a happy life and made you into a fool by using a meta-psychological/spiritual ‘practice,’ on you in order to take advantage of your thinking in your confusion and in-turn transform you into pawn made to get them money and renown?

        I wrote this at a time when I was very angry and I admit I was not being very thoughtful in my anger. There is possibly a chance that there are people out there going through this whole Twin Flame thing, but do I think everyone is? No, if there is a god, if there is something out there that created everything, then it is possible, entirely possible that there are souls and beings that exist beyond any rules or whatever we think we know about the soul now. As such I apologize, I was being unreasonable.

        However, I still stand behind the fact that this label has been used to abuse and take advantage of people who are suffering and looking for an answer. And I will not excuse that.

    12. OP
      December 15, 2015 at 9:10 am

      Hello, I’m the one who created this article or post out of respect that others would find it in their hearts to be more open to a subject – I have noticed at least – passes itself off as a bright and brilliant situation. I would ask that those who are being so aggressive towards the man who made the “Interesting post,” comment, please stop and that you be more respectful.

      And, actually, yes. I was the person who wrote the third post.

      Anyways, it’s very strange for me to talk on an anonymous forum, makes it difficult to see who’s who and how to reply to them. To the one who wrote Interesting post. I guess now I have to make some kind of response. Which won’t be easy? How do I say what I’m going to say without coming off too offensively? Honestly, I’m not sure if I can.

      Is that what they told you?


      I’m not here to debate with you what it is. But a majority of sites, like Golden Ray, Wikipedia and much others say the Twin Flame theory is much different than what you proposed just now. Again, I am not saying you are wrong, but, many other sites say otherwise what they believe this theory truly translates to. So many blogs, and post and Tumblrs out there, please, you have to notice all these as well? It might not seem like a lot, but it is when you think in retrospect or what others are looking for. I would be more obliged to believe yours, though I’m sorry to tell you, I’ve never experienced the Twin flame Theory. I would never want to, what happened to me was that I met a group of people, interested in very profound beliefs and the spiritual. One of them took it upon themselves to start involving me, without really telling me. As I started getting more enwrapped in the esoteric or occult things they were into without really knowing it, I discovered this theory.

      The theory, I discovered however, led me to believe that somewhere out there was my other half essentially; it was a theory stemming from The Law of Rah or One. Something that came out many years ago that predates what I am exposing today. It said I was a fragment of Archangel Michael or Gabriel or something of another, that they would guide me along with The Christ Consciousness to find my Twin Flame and all that jazz. I was young, looking for answers. I was naive too, dependent on others for answers as well, I was many things, including a kid going through a hard time in life. I was ready to believe anything that could bring magic to my world.

      Do something for me. One them, cuzhecan, posted a link to my article on the Experience Project. Did you read the reply I got for posting up that article along with many others?

      I was much like her when the first of it began. Though I was far more insane to be honest, I thought I was Archangel Gabriel, and that my Twin Flame was Michael and that we were going to unite all the Twin flames in the world, bringing upon a golden age. What I really became was psychotic, schizophrenic and a megalomaniac. I was going through mental theater of psychosis, flying through the sky – involving all my art and stories and comics into a very dramatic mental escape from reality. Psyche wards couldn’t save me. No, only time could. Years went by, and I guess I finally came back down to earth. I was traumatized, my mind ravaged, pillaged like something forced or manipulated its way into my psyche and tried to take it from me. That, and the scars, it still haunts me to this day. I don’t want to sound like sad story, I don’t know how long its been since those days – I sort of let it go, sort of. It was a hard road up until now … seeing her reply gave me flashes of it.

      But …

      It is not a Twin flame Experience. It is life, me living through a time when I wanted more in life and being spiritually seduced into a psychotic mess of indoctrination. If I called it a TF experience, it would have to entail ALL of what happened. And so, I would still have to believe they are somewhat right, correct?

      Maybe its vengeance, maybe its hatred or anger, maybe it’s me watching it happen to hundreds others, not just of this theory but to others who are involved in some other kind of backwards manipulating affair meant to draw others in and then drive them mad.

      What I can’t stand is how they are projecting themselves as beautiful and bright experiences, when they know deep down that others are being manipulated by it into psychotic breakdowns, some killing themselves, some being ward-ridden. I asked Golden Ray by the way. I asked them if they know, if they are ignorant to what is happening. I still have no answer.

      I will not stand by and watch this.

      If I have to post this on every forum, on every corner of the net to ensure that people know what they are getting into, I will. I will place this message on every page written by those who intend to you use it good or bad, because honestly, I should be doing them a service weeding out all those who would use it for evil. And don’t tell me maybe this is the lesson people need to learn, the destruction of your mind is no lesson – it is a matter of survival, all you learn then is that the world is cold and that there are those who are even colder.

      May you find happiness in life.

    13. OP
      December 15, 2015 at 9:14 am

      Ah, not the third post, the second.

      Excuse me.

    14. cuzhecan
      December 15, 2015 at 9:34 am


      you’re right i came at you a little harshly

      its just the way you came at him didn’t sound right to me, okay
      its like if a guy made huge speech about how he was born from ghetto and that bad stuff is happening there and he wants to help.
      and then you just walk up and say, ‘nothing wrong with the ghetto, quit trying to make it look bad, you can’t help it …” it sound off okay.

    15. OP
      December 15, 2015 at 9:41 am

      Actually, it appears they are removing and changing a lot of things. the Wikipedia article on TF’s use to exist, they removed it now though. That or merged it with soulmates.

      There was a lot of stuff, unfortunately, it seems people are removing them. Would have made great evidence. Still at least I know they were.

    16. @thesadpartis
      December 15, 2015 at 11:56 am

      Okay. I did state however that not everyone apart of this theory is wrong. I apologize if you find it offensive, its just the truth of the matter lies in that it can be used malevolent intent. Which you hardly see anyone actually speaking up about. You might want to keep a good grasp on your emotions, don’t let them dissuade you into believing what you feel matters more than what you think.

      By the way …
      “Mirror’s speak, and the Reflection Lies.” a famous saying.

    17. OP
      December 15, 2015 at 11:59 am

      In fact, if you like I can ask the moderators to add an extra section at the bottom I suppose, explaining that I do not think all Twin Flame connections are like this, and that this simply meant for the more negative and disconcerting of the kind?

    18. Broboy
      December 15, 2015 at 12:16 pm

      Ok, ok.

      But doesn’t change my opinion.
      Sorry my grammer aint as good as yours, English is one of my weaker subjects though.

      But whatever.
      listen, honestly, I can understand what you are saying, but its still weird how you came at him dude. I can’t put it in words, it s a like sneaky way of saying, “Good job, good job that’s cool and all but..” like you have some kind of ulterior motive or something? yeah he might be coming after some of your guys with the way he wrote this, and yeah he might be making them look bad too – even the good ones. but they should have to worry about that. like he said if they are good people, this shouldn’t make them angry – him making this should make them happy. If they aren’t bad then they can say it. yo, i read some of the sites, its kind of a mixed thing really, you’re both right – both sides come up, but he’s more focused on the bad side obviously – because i don’t see a lot of people online really talking about except like one blog, and some other little like tiny articles. honestly, i liek reading about cults.

      also, sadpartofthis or whatever
      you know there are cults for this shit right? you know he posted a link explaining who they are shit right? did you
      or did you just skim it and say “this is horrible,’ because honestly a lot of it makes sense.

    19. Noname
      December 15, 2015 at 12:29 pm

      Yeah, I’ve had people use these tactics on me when I was idealistic, gullible, and lonely. I could write the book on it.

      It doesn’t matter how smart you are… and any other good qualities you may have are also irrelevant. If you are idealistic, gullible, and lonely, then people are going to prey on you in one form or another.

      And those people are easy to spot once you’ve experienced it enough- they are overly interested in you (and often in everyone else they meet), they will flatter you, and then when they have identified you as someone who is lonely/gullible/idealistic, slowly that flattery will turn into advice or hints of disapproval as they try to shape you. Or they will just pull back so you chase them. You will miss all of the attention and think about what you may have done wrong, and start to let their increasing misbehavior slide in order to win back that overabundance of love and affection and admiration, because no one ever poured it on like they did… and they really, really poured it on… for a while. And then they will do it again and again and again until you are conditioned to tolerate their shit while pouring yourself out for them.

      But eventually you will realize that not everyone is like you- some people are just assholes. And no matter what you *think* you did, they were always just using you and their “love” was phony bullshit. They are incapable of sustaining love. And they will move on to find new targets. Someone else put it nicely on here- people like that are parasites, nothing more.

      And they will often have a good public reputation, and be charismatic and well-liked (I’ve said it before on here… Bill Cosby, that Duggar guy, etc) and seek out targets who are less reputable so that if anything bad is said about them, it won’t be taken seriously.

      I had this happen to me most, unsurprisingly, when I was in my weakest state emotionally and was drinking, partying. That really brought out the leeches. And the leeches were almost never the other people partying and being self-destructive; but rather, the more together-acting people still hanging around those who were self-destructing.

      Here’s another note… if you find yourself self-destructing, you need to get rid of most people in your life, because the wrong people cause that and are also attracted to it.

      Last notes: The vast majority of people who behave this way do get their comeuppance someday, somehow. It is a long wait sometimes.

    20. Indica
      December 15, 2015 at 3:01 pm

      Thank you for this letter. I know I’m not who it was meant for, but thank you anyway.

      This has happened to me a couple of times. Well, the first time the guy doing it to me ended up having a thing for me and he died…. but not before telling me everything. I thought he was crazy for the longest time…
      I always think I’m going insane, too, until I find a way to defend myself better and it all ends. This time around I knew it was happening from the start and decided to fight back. I don’t know if I’ll win or not.

      But seeing things like this makes me feel like maybe I’m not as crazy as I thought. haha 🙂
      Thank you.

    21. intesteresting post
      December 15, 2015 at 4:13 pm

      Thanks I appreciate your response, and apologize you if I offended any comments or OP as well. OP you have justified yourself by telling your story, and yes I am sorry that I too made false assumptions about you. I I did not seek a soulmate or believe they existed before meeting said person, nor had any research or twin flame knowledge prior to meeting this person, but had an intuition that something “important” would happen in my life. “The twin flame” is just a label in my perspective. When people idealize it like the greatest thing on Earth, your perfect match, it harms people because in reality no man/woman can fulfill that unrealistic expectation, I’m afraid to admit that I fell trap to this false information at first. The second comment, oh well, was just “the real hurt of a man, who believed he had met a twin flame that left him”. I don’t say soulmate because we hated each other, and were too much alike. When you have two passive aggressive people arguing it really fucking sucks. I am not saying or encouraging that soulmates exist…we cannot prove that, because I’ve faced rejection before but this one was different and was 100 times more hurtful (subjectively) to me and her, by the way it was played out after I realized I was connected to her on some weird spiritual level. But when I met said person an instant ” familiarity” struck me, that I could not deny that I knew who this person was…before even getting to know her. I didn’t even put that label on her the first time I met her. You see OP, I have always struggled with depression…and thought love, specifically “eros” can save me. You see before I met said person, I had this “intuition” that something “Big” was going to happen. I did not realize then that this person who showed me extreme hate, would be the person that would symbolize extreme love. When I confessed my feelings to her, she laughed at me. Everything about myself my movies, hobbies, music, even my own name had some correlation or (coincidence) that reminded me of her crumbled and died before my eyes. I shit you not the people that got involved between us were also affected….looked drained just as we and could not understand the, depression in our eyes of how a “stranger” can have such a negative impact. The funny part is this horrible experience of rejection, replayed two words through synchronicity “love” and “God” at the time the hurtful situation was occurring. This person thought I was doing this shit intentionally to hurt her, when I wasn’t. Not everyone was meant to be open to “spirituality” or even asks for it, because you loose touch with reality if you are not careful it is a power struggle when “control” becomes a factor. OP if your are a rational thinker like my so called twin flame, It drives you insane when you start questing (the signs) which are logically just coincidences but they still hit you strongly on a subjective level. It becomes obsessive when you try to analyze situations that seem meaningful but are ordinary situations that everyone must go through. Rejection, lost, hurt, betrayal, hope, love….it all becomes emotions that fuel the ego to the self you feel lost through an existential crisis when you have believed you lost “your other half”, LIKE THERE WAS ONLY ONE CHANCE, AND YOU FUCKED IT UP, AND NOW LIFE GOES ON AND YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY. But OP you are right when you say you do not want to meet a Twin Flame for it is like having “God laugh at your face, and present to you your flaws on a silver platter, giving you an opportunity to fix them” even if you do not believe in God it will still ruin your life, like a spirit within you tormenting you. I am not saying that my life is much harder than yours because everybody has a pain that is subjective to different degrees, after all. Pain is pain. One person’s misfortune can be another’s tragedy. I agree with you that this theory is dangerous, so thanks for offering your perspective and views upon the subject. ( again this is is just my experience going through” this’ whatever you may call it.) cheers.

    22. Blah
      December 16, 2015 at 12:24 am

      But what about when it is real and people deliberately spin this to hurt not coincidentally?

    23. OP
      December 16, 2015 at 7:59 am

      Sadly, I will never know what you saw or feel what you feel. I looks like you went through a very deep experience though. Honestly, I can understand falling for the trap, depressed people, people searching for answers, people expecting more in life. It is easy for them to fall in this trap. Because what is more promising the greatest love-tale the world has to offer? No, the Universe even – or beyond that? But sadly, that is a double-edged sword. With the greatest high, comes his greatest fall, humanity will rise up and then we fall. We discover medication that cures, but then in the process we learn what kills. No matter how much good you invite into a situation we as human beings should expect both the good and the bad.


      You know, I wouldn’t have the ability to ask for that. And why some might say? Finding that one person, finding perfection. Well, whatever a Soul mate is. Even in this reality maybe that is asking for too much. If humanity developed on earth through reasons of learning lessons and such. For some of us, learning that we can’t always have what we want, that we have to learn to bite the bullet and enjoy what is only second best or not even close to that is our greatest lesson. It is not surrendering to it, it is knowing that when we have failed to achieve what is best life but that we can still take what we have and try to make something better of it. It’s a hard lesson, a painful one and not really one of brightest. But it’s there, and we must learn to live with it.

      Funny thing is, I’m not rational at all.

      But that’s for another time.
      I respect your ability to speak on this, and I thank you for taking my view point into consideration.
      May you find happiness in life.

    24. teehee
      December 16, 2015 at 9:16 pm

      Settle down boys.

    25. sign
      December 19, 2015 at 1:05 pm

      December 16, 2015 at 12:24 am
      But what about when it is real and people deliberately spin this to hurt not coincidentally?”

      That’s inevitable when it comes to revealing how a belief or teaching is being used for dark purposes.
      Neither side will like the result. Because one side- which is the one revealing it, is simply trying to help others who are being manipulated by it-but also is causing those who believe in it to feel like they are under attack or come under attack, because their belief has a dark side one most aren’t aware of or know of.

    26. FitzgeralfFlyn
      January 11, 2016 at 9:27 am


      So I just wanted to say to the original person who wrote this that you sir are very kind and really awesome person for pointing out this kind of stuff going on nowadays. I was writing some essays about cults and stuff for class, and I decided that going into cyber-cults would also enlighten some people about the dangerous of the internet :p and then I found this.

      I have some things to say.

      One, wow, these topics seem to draw lot of hate and attention or something. I find it kind of odd the first post written about what you wrote is automatically trying to defend the subject at hand, whoever wrote interesting post or whatever. And to whoever wrote that, i’m kind of disappointed that you would do that, clearly the guy isn’t saying all of your beliefs or ways of life are wrong, its just people nowadays seem to be using it for wrong. Another thing is, why are you trying to get him to relate and personalize with you? You do realize cults do that to try and stigmatize and hurt the people who go through their programming right? Its their way of saying, “Once you’ve gone through it, you’ll never be yourself, your apart of this belief now.” And I hate to say it, but that’s what you’re doing, yeah you might mean kindness out of it, you might really want to see if the OP has lived through this stuff you talked about or not, but at the same time its also kind of condescending. At least you apologized though. However, I will have to say one thing.

      I think your wrong on some stuff.

      I decided to look up what sites say about all this. All the sites I found explaining this whole twin flame thing makes them out to be your perfect love-life experience or something, like you’ll never meet anyone who will open your heart and all this stuff about life and stuff. Which honestly, I find to be a load of crud. I found ONE site that describes the theory the way you explained it, but that was one of like ten or so more that went on about archangels and lowlife forms, it got into all this stuff that has to do with that law of rah cult or whoever they are, and it was just horrible, And honestly, the way you described it isn’t really any better, it just sounds like another take on how a person should feel after being manipulated into thinking someone is their perfect mate or some crap. He’s right, Original poster. If you go on forums, no one treats this the way you do, sorry to say it but they are obviously like seriously obsessed with people, some of the threads titled, “Should I stalk my Twin Flame,” and stuff like that,

      I guess you’re trying to say that some good comes out of this which I hope after seeing all that bad I just looked up it does, But honestly, it seems more that its just being used to hurt people.

      So Original Poster, feel good about exposing this, honestly, I found very few sites that explain it with as much credence as yours does.

      Keep going, I’m proud of you!

    27. interesting post
      May 20, 2016 at 5:57 am

      In response to Fitzgerald. Yes, if you let your anger and grudges go, eventually love and self acceptance will eventually find you. I am not a twin flame, I am a person that believed he was in love, and had her tell me that she never really liked me behind my back while I thought she needed me. There is no such thing as twin flames, but maybe love does exist, and it sure as hell doesn’t come from reading internet advice, you have to put in the work to reach your goal, nobody’s going to give you a map you gotta walk your own path. But I am happy now, I am successful, good paying job, good career, and I have my “twin flame” experience to thank, for showing me that I am a strong individual that can survive by not committing suicide and living my live going through everyone judging me as a creep, a stalker, and lowlife. I am one of those broken individual that bought into the theory as well. But I don’t hate them that promote it, for the world has to much hate as it already is. Too many people want the world’s problems to be fixed for them, when they don’t have the faith that they are capable of fixing it themselves. “a load of crud” thanks for being so accepting to my opinion, you must be “sure right?” that everything you say is true. This is coming from a guy, who almost jumped a bridge, after believing he lost his “twin flame” . But now, I’m thankful I chose to live and was patient enough to turn my life around, best of luck to you op. and best of wishes to you all.

    28. interesting post
      May 20, 2016 at 6:35 am

      And yes I do agree that the archangels ,extraterrestrial, lowlife forms, is kinda a bit (out there). I guess I was just getting defensive because when you mention the word “twin flame” to this it gets, pretty personal for those that actually went through that shit, and most of the cults that op talks about I guarantee have NEVER EVEN BEEN THROUGH IT. And believe me my experience did not involve any of that, but strangely, my crazy ass story can’t be told on here. Because I am afraid , She will read it, and know that it is me, as I am still running.

    29. interesting post
      May 20, 2016 at 6:59 am

      The worst thing you can “label” or someone that lived through this is “obsessive” or “crazy:” that is a horrible fucking stigma. That hurts us all that thought we were going bipolar and schizophrenic including me when I was going through my crazy phase. Please be aware of this next time you post, and I’ll be aware not to be so conceding.

    30. OP
      May 20, 2016 at 2:47 pm

      In the end, it seems maybe you are right. Maybe I did go through it after all. From the time I lost it, to now. I’ve realized that really – I’ve been running, running from the fact that it may have been real despite how much I was trying so hard to disprove and prove this and that. When really it was just me subconsciously trying to escape the reality of it. I might have gone through it.

      Its ironic, that the one who tried so hard to expose and debunk this theory – has so much evidence to prove that he has.

      Maybe its an ego thing I guess.

      Interesting Post, I will say that telling him to consider his words with things like obsessive and crazy, may not be as wrong as you think – as much as it hurts, there is a ring of truth to it, and so he’s in his right to use it in some contexts. Some of these people become obsessive – that’s just the fact of it, I know I did. Very much so actually. But I gues snows the time to grow up and stop stop letting the words of others effect usso.

    31. interesting post
      May 20, 2016 at 4:45 pm

      And it is not like these people forced others to read their sites, Anyone that got involved with this in some way on their own free will chose to read the information including me which I deeply regret as well as the person I hurt the most, THEY chose, to CLICK on their websites, to read their information and BUY into the fucked up NEW AGE SPIRITUAL CAPITALISM that takes advantage of people’s beliefs, vulnerability, and finances, We chose to believe and buy into the false conspiracy Yet we don’t take responsibility for buying the MCdonalds that they know is bad for us, and play the victim. I will be the first to say In honest asshole respect, Please grow the fuck up. IF you post on a public website, about something controversial it is your responsibility to be prepared for the critique and backlash. I stopped reading on twin flames and surprisingly got my shit together. I think CAPITALISM is flawed, especially when it involves religion.But some people need to eat, some people need to provide for their children. You guys forget that the world is not safe, you need to follow your own intuition to protect yourself from people that will manipulate you. “I never lost as much but twice”-Dickinson.

      • You'd Best be Careful Saying stuff like this ...
        July 16, 2017 at 9:46 pm

        That, my friend, is where you might be wrong, I don’t mean to sound rude. Sometimes it isn’t under these people’s control as there are forces behind this shit that would make you shutter and evils that people are willing to pull out that takes whatever free-will you think you have from you.

        Keep this in mind, I’ve visited a lot of forums, and I’ve seen a pattern, or a strange occurrence in some of these people. I’m not saying any of this is fake or not real; maybe people have thier half-souls and stuff, wahtever, but … Some mention that, they feel ‘coerced,’ subtly in their minds to research things they wouldn’t, hear voices saying to look up certain things or even, some who say they felt like they were ‘possessed,’ by something and brought into without their own saying like something took control of them.

        There is something eerie and dark behind all this, cuz some of these people didn’t get a choice, it was made for them.

        Take that how you will.

    32. OP
      May 20, 2016 at 6:16 pm

      Also, you can’t say that the people in these cults have never been through it either, one issue that arises from meeting a twin and going through spiritual emergency because of it is ego inflation. Sadly, maybe it is these people who experienced trial to go through this ego inflation and hopefully realize what they have done.

    33. OP
      May 21, 2016 at 5:54 pm

      Not everyone is born with the Intuition to see that …

      You’re right, people aren’t forced. It is partly their own fault. Maybe humanity should simply stop caring about others who seduce and mentally take advantage of the weak and score on manipulating the vulnerable. The world’s already going to hell anyways – why try to stop it? You know what, while we’re at it, let’s say fuck it to supporting rape victims, and murder and killing and everything else out there that climbs the latter of what’s considered wrong and insecure in the world, if they are strong and worth it – they’ll get through it. I mean, does it matter? The world is a hard place for a reason – so that only the strong survives. Should we sit here and help others? Or make people aware of it? Let em’ fall. Let em’ bleed, and if many die in the process oh’ well and hopefully the one’s who survive will walk – hopefully they will walk out stronger. That’s what the world needs anyways, strong people, not weak insignificant gullible people who fall for everyone’s tricks and schemes and then become victims and do nothing about it. Let’s just face it, life is war, and only the strong survive – only the strong should survive right?

      And I pray to God that there is no such thing as Reincarnation and that if there is the weak should never come back. Let weak insignificant souls wither and return to the abyss that made them, they do not deserve life especially if you are weak and gullible enough to fall for something like this.

      You’d think this kind of logic would make sense, you’d think its right when you look at it. But honestly, it isn’t. Its far from right. Yes, when you allow people to go through this kinds of stuff, when they suffer this kinds of abuse to the mind – some do come out stronger. But do they come out as kind, loving individuals? Not always, and that’s the flaw – torment, painful events, and being used and thrown away doesn’t always create pure human beings, trauma brings the darkness out of everyone and some of us have more than others. And then funny enough you have people like Hitler running around where after they lived the difficult life they realized they have strength and what did they do with it?

      They killed, they slaughtered, they destroyed.

      I wrote this thinking I could help some. But you’re right, it was a childish attempt at trying to expose and help others – but again it was also my way of vindicating myself. I honestly hope humanity destroys itself. Its a sick twisted group of shit that can sit there and say ‘help others,’ – but then say ‘no,’ to someone else because of race and religion. All the love in the world won’t cure the shit humanity has done and in the end we’ve gotten nowhere. And no matter how far they come, no matter how much good the world tries to make they’ll just manage to make a new evil.

      You say you stopped reading this shit and made a better life for yourself? Good for you. I’m happy that you could make something out of this, I truly am. But then why the fuck are you reading it now? You should have ignored this shit and went on with your life happy that you actually have one. Could it be that your like me in the end? Tired of this bullshit that this reality keeps shoving at us, wondering if deep down we won’t amount to anything more than whatever the fuck we’ve made ourselves out to be in this place? Well I hope – no, I know your a stronger soul than I. You can actually make something out your life while I fell apart and became nothing. Go! Get away from this shit, become someone! Fuck all this TF shit, this NewAge bullshit, the veil this sick fucking world puts on our hearts – the dice seem more in your fortune than me anyways. Know you’ve triumphed where most others would fail and now go take that strength do something with it. And whatever you do, try to do some right. As much as I hate this world, I hate seeing suffering, I hate knowing its there and not being able to do anything about it.

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 3:25 am

        Humble guy. Admits he doesn’t know if reincarnation is real. While the arrogant twin flames insist its truth, without evidence.

    34. I was a victim too
      May 22, 2016 at 8:51 pm

      and most of you were manipulated without my consent for reasons I can’t fathom. I have no idea what half of you are talking about…

    35. Twin flame stuff.... from one of the victims
      May 22, 2016 at 9:06 pm





      Think I’m crazy if you want. I was a little emotional and high when I wrote them.
      I was a victim too. People lie and mislead others about me and my intentions in my opinion.
      The earth is healing. Music and culture is getting richer… people will heal. The world will be beautiful and happy one day. Magic never dies <3

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 3:04 am

        Richer music? Seems like electronic computer music is popular these days.

    36. Important
      June 21, 2016 at 1:16 am



      They’re not with the US government. Or the Military. or the illuminati. They lied and what they’re doing is highly illegal.

      Don’t believe anything they tell you.

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 2:57 am

        That’s very misinformed, most likely wrong. Don’t say what it’s not, say what it is. The artle claims microwave and radiowaves are below visible frequency which is wrong….if he gets something so basic wrong…..I doubt the rest is right.

        • Aska
          June 10, 2018 at 3:18 am

          llmmfaooo dude Gg, I didn’t even notice that, nice lmao

    37. Laurie
      October 7, 2016 at 7:51 pm

      Yeah, this whole twin flame thing has gotten ridiculous. The love of my life just passed away. I keep hearing a friend tell me we were twin flames so we can never be separated, while another source will say then I will follow shortly or he wasn’t my twin. Whatever. I told her to stop talking “twin flame” crap. All I know is we loved each other dearly. He’s passed and I’m here. We know the connection of the heart we had from the start and no words can ever encompass it. It was the bond that kept us together through thick and thin – and even we could not explain it, but it was strong. I refuse to buy into twin flame theories, because that’s all it is, theories. I see no consistency or rationale in any of it. In fact, many will contradict each other. Some even insist they have been with their twin flame but they don’t get along in any healthy manner or one leaves, determined to get away for good. The other is left in a deep state of belief that they are supposed to be together while trying to fit pieces that don’t belong in their minds because of the separation. It’s insane to watch. REALITY doesn’t fit with what they believe.

      I for one, don’t buy what the world says without some rationale and empirical and wise evidence. People will believe anything just to not face reality and replace it with false hopes. If this twin flame ideology is true at all then there better be some reasonable explanation – maybe by NDE experiencers who can bring back that info. I’m listening. Haven’t heard a word on that front yet. New Age garbage.

      Time on earth is better spent living your life following your expressions, and loving oneself and others.

    38. OP
      April 5, 2017 at 8:21 am

      I feel I owe the writer of ‘interesting post,’ some clarity of mind. As I haven’t been able to sleep because of it. I took advantage of this sites anonymous nature and fabricated some of the ‘commentators’ in this post. Some of them aren’t real, in fact most aren’t. I baited you and many other’s into this because I did not want to let go of this conversation, I wanted to hear more, to expose more-thought I should have clarified after it of course.

      It was wrong, I admit. I will pay for it in my own way. Though, I got the answers I got were exactly what I needed, it was wrong to stress you so and I apologize.

      You are good person, and over the time that I have revisited and reread this, I realized you were simply trying to be genuine. Though I still can’t empathize with what you went through or understand it for that matter.

      You’ve proven to be a much better person than myself.

      I’ve simply grown darker, parts of me wishing I could hunt down the people who made this-I’d take a needle of LCD and I’d tear their minds apart before I ultimately kill them. I can care less who they are, if they supposed ‘good Twin Flames,’ or simply mad fucks who intend to drive people mad over a dollar. I’ve never held such bloodlust. I might do it, they say the way to destroying one’s soul is to kill as many people as you can. If I kill enough of them before the end, I may get what I want. Non-existence …

      I’m tired of existing.

      Take heed, things can happen to people that change us into monsters. Its happening to me. At this moment. I know I have the power to take lives, my training in various ‘arts,’ have gifted me so. If not maybe I should just die trying anyways.

      I want to wish for nothing but happiness for you, but seeing that you are someone who has gone through this, I doubt your days are happy. Hopefully they are happier than mine.

      Take care.

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 3:10 am

        Holy shit op….our experiences were similar…mine probably worse…..

    39. Melissa
      September 29, 2017 at 11:54 pm

      This is such an interesting perspective. Myself and my bf (possible soulmate, no need to label it) felt certain things, but never heard of TF until after the fact. Or really what it meant to have a soulamte. So i wasnt influenced bcuz i had never read a thing or heard of. It as i mentioend. I actually experienced allot of the signs they speak of and didnt quite get it until i first read about soulmates. Ive also never paid money for reading an article… i beleive that most are not in touch with our souls and all of the external stuff in the world drives our choices. Including our spouses which is based on self value or low self value. A soul connection begins with oneself, if one is spiritual. A soul connection between husband and wife is Something that is lost in society. Which is why i beleive divorce is an epidemic/crisis. And any article i have read about tf or soulamte always starts with self love. Not romance and happily ever after. Not what i have read anyway. So i hope more people “fall” for the idea that you cN meat a soulmate and in turn become more spiritual and connected with god, self, and inner-peace.

      Im not sure where the cults are or what they are about.

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 3:13 am

        Malignant self love = narcissist

    40. He killed himself
      March 10, 2018 at 4:49 am

      The guy who wrote this commited suicide. Facebook and everything said he hung himself with a belt, just like Robin Williams. Hella sad, left a message saying hoping his soul would be be destroyed in process, cuz hed never wanted to exist ever again. Twin Flame journey is rough man, hope the rest of you make it through, times are wasy to hard.

      • K
        March 13, 2018 at 9:07 am

        Very sad and sorry to hear

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 3:14 am

        Oh shit……I wanted to talk to him…..because we were so similar……

      • Gg
        June 8, 2018 at 3:26 am

        That’s odd. He distinctly said it was killing others, not himself….

    41. Aska
      June 10, 2018 at 3:24 am

      i don’t man, I don’t think that’s true, he was the same guy who wrote this write:


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