• Hi again.

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    I hope you’ve had an amazing day and I hope you have a great night. Always.

    I love you. Always.


    I wrote a few haiku’s about you, they’re okay.

    Unlike the Haiku’s I usually write, The song I wrote you rhymes.

    Maybe you’ll hear that song one day or maybe you’ll see the lyrics.

    Maybe I’ll write you another song…

    Haha maybe…


    I’m not sure how you feel about poetry, music, and other types of literature but you’re the only girl I’ve ever written about. and it’s all positive things of course.


    Honestly, I can’t think of anything negative to say about you and I’d never look for a reason to because I’d never want to hurt you.


    I love you, even if you don’t love me back, baby.

    Here’s one of the Haikus:

    I’m reminiscing…
    like ice cream on a hot day,
    You got me melting

    Here’s another I just wrote:

    You’re inspiring
    You run through my mind all day,
    Don’t you get tired?

    Maybe I’ll share some more later.

    Lol, I know these are kind of corny but it’s one of the many ways I can express my love, admiration, respect, and loyalty to you.

    I’ll always love you.


    (I’m not going to leave a ‘signature’ on some of my future letters just so I can confuse anyone who might be trying to fuck with me)



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