• Goodbye Cliff

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    I didn’t have a problem when you said you didn’t really want to date me, and that you just wanted to be friends. All I asked for was that you be completely honest with me. That’s all I wanted. If you wanted to sleep with someone else or you were sleeping with someone else– tell me. I didn’t want to hear from someone else. I didn’t want to have to sit around (like I’m doing now) wondering why you are ignoring me. I just wanted honesty. I know I did nothing wrong. I was never anything but nice and overly giving to you. I was TOO nice and TOO generous to you sometimes, which makes this hurt a little bit more. It’s like you don’t even acknowledge how good I was to you. That does hurt, but what hurts most of all is that you haven’t been a good friend. Don’t tell me that you just want to be friends and then cease to treat me as such. It is not fair. Be honest and stick to your word, don’t ignore me– talk to me. That is all I ever wanted. So, last night when I asked you if I could come over to grab my things, and then if you weren’t doing anything if you wanted to hang out– you could of said “Hey, I’m sorry but actually I already have plans for tonight. Another time!”…Instead you’ve chosen to ignore me, which is making me resent you. I never wanted to resent you, I knew things would eventually end between us but I wanted it to be on mutual terms and when people asked me about you I wanted to be able to say good things. not bad. But you’ve given me little choice now. I can only think bad things about you. I should of listened to my earlier intuition about you. I knew you were a tool and a dick, but I let you persuade me otherwise. You charmed me and fooled me into thinking I was the one who had misread you, but that’s not the case. You’ve misread yourself this whole time, and I was the one who was right. I will no longer chase you because you do not deserve that power over me. Only I deserve that power. I will still be kind to you because I know no other way, but I will no longer give you what you want. So, goodbye Cliff, you were good for that month but I’m done.

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