• Strangeness & Charm

    by  • August 12, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I heard you drove by today
    Waved to my sister

    I was inside
    I’d hoped you’d drive by again so you’d see me
    So you’d feel bad

    It’s been 52 days

    Help, I’m burning inside
    Everything in me is on fire
    Not the passion fires you are capable of lighting,
    The kind where you pour your gasoline and light the match and leave me to incinerate

    I really can’t take this pain any longer

    I want to see you but I also don’t

    I’m so afraid of what you’ll say or how you’ll act

    You could be rude, which is unlikely

    But if you’re kind you’ll melt me again and I’ll be caught in your trap
    I won’t be free any longer
    I’ll convince myself that this is good, this is all good

    But it’s not
    The cycle will just restart

    I just imagine you saying my name
    Saying it in the way you do
    As if you’ve studied how to get to me

    I’ll melt
    And if you hug me, which I can see happening,

    I’ll be ice in the hot sun

    You’ll have me wrapped around your finger again
    Like always

    I never want this to end,

    But I’ve never wanted something to be over so badly

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