• A Night to Remember

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    It started at the club.

    Only hours before I was sitting on my couch, watching tv, exhausted after another long day of work. I had resigned myself to a quiet night in when you called and reminded me about your friends party. I had completely forgotten. “Sorry babe, I’m just so tired I don’t think I can make it.” Then you texted me a picture of what you were wearing: a tight little black dress with fishnets. I text you back: “See you there”

    So there I was, walking into the club, and you weren’t hard to find. The sexiest girl on the floor; all I had to do was follow the other guys’ stares. Our eyes met across the room and I headed over. “My God you look incredible.” “Aww thanks baby, I’m happy you changed your mind. Do you want to have some fun with me?” I nod, and you lean in to kiss me, leaving something behind in my mouth. Just then, a new track came on, deep pounding bass with a side of foam. You turn and teasingly rub your barely covered ass against me. You grab my hands, placing them firmly just below your hips. The music takes control. We dance like feral beasts for what seems like hours. My hands lustfully wander up and down the soft fabric of your dress. I crave the touch of your skin. I pull you in tight against me, our faces nearly touching. I kiss your neck while I raise one hand up your inner thigh, slowly, up inside your dress, where your moist panties welcome my touch. I press my fingers against them and spell the letters of my name across your tiny little pussy. You twist your head back and whisper in my ear “Do you want to fuck me?” I firmly trace the word “YES”. “Then take me home and fuck me”

    As soon as my door closes behind us, I grab your waist, pick you up over my shoulder and race over to my bed to throw you down. I pounce on top of you, our lips and tongues colliding instantly. You grab my hair and push my head down your long neck to the top of your beautiful collarbones. I kiss along them down your chest, then pull the top of your dress down. Your perky breasts greet me. I suck and bite your pretty pink nipples, then lower myself to your legs. I love your entire body, I want to slowly lick every inch of it, but your legs are my favourite. I kiss the soft skin of your thighs til it leads me to…well I lied…your pussy is my favourite. I rip your panties off and briefly gaze in wonder. Your pussy is a miracle. Tiny, pink, soft, and wet just for me. I don’t think you understand how much I love to eat your pussy. I could eat you for hours. I spread your legs and suck on your little clit, licking it back and forth. Then I really dive in. I tongue inside you, up and down with broad licks. You moan “Fuck me NOW”

    First, I give you what you want. I take off my shirt while you take off my pants. I’ve been hard since I saw the picture of you in your dress. I put just the tip inside. “Are you my naughty girl?” You nod your head pleadingly. I penetrate you slowly, fully, and kiss you. You grab my ass, drawing me in even closer. My thrusts are long and methodical and reaching deeply inside you. The sexiest thing about you: you look me right in the eyes while I fuck you. Your big beautiful eyes telling me just how good I’m making you feel. I flip you over and you get on your hands and knees.

    Next, I give you what you need. I spank you hard twice and grab your hips. I shove your face into the pillow and fuck you like I own you. Baby you take me so good. You grab the sheets so hard your knuckles are white and you’ve got a mouth full of pillow, but you take my hard pounding so willingly deep inside you. Your loud rapid moaning drives me into a frenzy. I grab your hair, lift you up and bury my throbbing cock into your pussy. I explode inside you, my warm cum filling you up. I roll over, exhausted.

    But you want more. I know you want more. You always do. You told me that you just can’t help it, you just love fucking me so much. You crawl over and lay next to me, gently running your finger tips along my cock. “Again?” “Baby, I’m spent!” is what I say, but really I just want to watch you beg for it. You lean over and kiss my dick from the top slowly to bottom. You look up at me. “Please daddy, I want more.” You lick me up and down, your tongue bringing me back to form. You eagerly take me in your mouth, as far as you can and suck me. Then you straddle me, lowering yourself onto my cock. This is your turn. I am yours to control. You grind yourself into me, first slowly, tantalizingly. You get a little smile on your face and then you start fucking me like you own me. I hear your breathing accelerating, I know you’re getting close. “Baby I want you to come for me ok baby. Cum for me baby” You lean back, giving me a glorious view of your entire quivering body while you moan my name and cum and I cum again. You collapse on top of me. And neither of us moved again til the next morning.

    4 Responses to A Night to Remember

    1. Bundle
      August 10, 2015 at 12:56 pm

      Another one of those posts that reminds me of something someone who was at the Grosvenor Square demonstration said , that the sixties wasn’t about free love , but free sex . . .

      Deeply deeply formulaic , with nothing to remember of note . . .

    2. Regin
      August 10, 2015 at 6:07 pm

      What’s with the reference to incest ?

    3. Yum
      August 31, 2015 at 3:49 pm

      when will this be our reality

    4. Allegiant Air
      September 1, 2015 at 11:27 pm


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