• Just Friends?

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    Your transitions are not smooth
    They are obvious
    And demeaning
    And self serving
    That is how this entire situation has
    How u set it up to be
    To feel better
    About Urself
    To replace
    The Dull ache
    Distract urself
    From the want and need you faced daily
    I, being naive, and wounded
    Was a willing participant
    And believer
    I became enchanted by your words
    Taken by the tone
    Captivated by your invitation
    A push and pull began
    One I was all too familiar with
    The flirting
    The pulling back
    The teasing
    The denying
    I was reluctant at first
    But you made me feel wanted
    And beautiful
    On words alone
    I was captured in this fantasy
    Lost in you
    It didn’t take long
    For me to think twice
    To begin to approach you with trepidation
    To pull back
    Make my intentions known
    Declare that I was staying where I was
    You said the same
    And so we lied
    Between playful exchanges
    And sweet words of goodbye
    I fell slowly
    Almost willingly
    But kept afloat
    By the exhilaration
    And the excitement of our exchanges
    The forbidden nature of our relationship
    The hold it-you-currently have on my heart
    At this point in time I am not sure if I can continue the way things are.
    I feel I may be too involved to just be friends
    My heart may be too tied up
    In the non-existent us
    For me to just talk to you as if
    Nothing more exists
    There have been too many miscommunications
    And hurtful comments
    For me to just be ok
    There are too many feelings involved
    Even if just on my end
    For me to just be your friend

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    1. Quality
      August 6, 2015 at 11:58 pm

      Did you possess these creative communicative skills all along?

      Makes me wonder


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