• Time for courage. …

    by  • August 2, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, The Ex • 0 Comments

    You are not the victim you are the perpetrator. Yes its too hard for you to face your actions but its time. Stop trying to blame me. Insisting how happy you are now etc etc what I did to you? You just perpetually lie … you seem intent on destroying your life because you’re too weak to face reality, the truth. You are so angry with me because I won’t listen to your lies and I remind you of the truth instead. What you did was appalling. What you did destroyed us. I can tell through your actions you are anything but happy and certainly haven’t ‘moved on’ ….she is blissfully unaware,that’s her damn karma and you’ve had your fair share yet still you don’t learn, still you continue. Remorse. ..at least owning your mistakes and displaying shame….that takes courage. That takes being a real man…..I guess I should just take comfort from knowing, from seeing that despite your cruel ridiculous words your actions scream how much you miss me. That you still love me in your own hateful way…..I wish you had the courage to be that man I saw hiding deep within you instead of the immature, weak, nasty boy you have chosen to be instead. I wish you would grow.

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