• My Heaven

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    Dear Heaven,

    I hate you. I hate you when you tried to lie to me but I always caught you. It all started with the conversation you have with gaga and you volunteer to share it with me in a copy/paste form. Unfortunately you forgot to removed the April 24 date. The date will not appear in messenger unless there’s a mssg next to it. The thing is, I’m not as stupid as you thought. I played stupid because I love you and I don’t want to lose you. I never confronted you coz I’m waiting for you to open it up to me in your own. Unfortunately, it never happened and after 3 months, you told me again that gaga send you a mssg and you told me that you will not reply to her mssgs if it makes me uncomfortable. The thing is until now you did not tell me what is the mssg in that april 24 date. Today, you greeted me good morning at 8 am then you said brb then at almost 3 pm you said goodnight. haha. It is sunday and I know there is big possibility that she is online that’s why you don’t have time to talk to me! And just to let u know that until almost 4 pm, an hour after you said you will sleep becoz you are 6 hrs ahead of my time, I still saw you online.
    I am sad becoz you are not open to me. I am disappointed becoz I am too open with you. I will understand if you already outgrew me. I will let you go if you will only ask.
    I am afraid that you didn’t love me as much as you said. I am afraid that you didn’t like me the way I am now as I opened myself to you.
    I am sorry coz I have all these doubts. I am sorry for not trusting you when it comes to gaga. I am sorry for hating you becoz I feel that you don’t want to open up with me. I am sorry if I act too needy.
    I love you. As I said, you make me happy. I am happy becoz I feel that you are happy with me too but if you are not happy with me, just say so coz I am willing to let you go. I know exactly how it feels to be trap with someone who loves you but you did not love back.

    Affectionately Your’s

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