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    you probably think i hate you and will never speak to you again. Although i am mad i don’t really think you know the reason. So to clear it up just so you know. I never will hate you. I will always be on your side and nothing changes that. Yes i am mad but not from anything you have done. I guess i like to believe my friends are the same strength as me. Thats wrong of me. After nearly two decades of protecting you i should accept it how it is.

    You are the most frustrating friend to date. You are my complete opposite. You are a love addict. Jumping from one to the next and when not dating or married you latch onto a friendship because you cannot be alone. It used to suck the life from me but in time i realized it wont last long until you meet another guy and i will be allowed to breathe.

    I am the complete opposite. I do not have boyfriends. I enjoy spending time with people but i ultimately enjoy spending time alone. I’m pretty sure when i do decide to change my status i still will at times question things because i will still crave being alone.

    We are alike in many ways but im pretty sure what keeps us close is understanding how our differences help each other.

    I want you to know that i do not judge you and that both of us have our own issues. I will always love you. I want you to continue healing and keep all of lifes positives in mind on your journey.

    The reason you haved noticed our friendship drift since 2010 was because i realized how unhealthy it became. I was enabling you to remain dependent on others. I was still there but more distant because i want you to feel okay with being alone. Because truely you will never find love and comfort in another if you cannot find it within yourself. For your childs sake i had to attempt to heal you. I dont want him to think swing doors are normal. I love him and i love you and im sorry i could not explain this to you sooner.

    The fact you moved for a job and have now owned your life makes me happy. Not because you left but because in all the years past you would never have left every person. I am so very proud of you. I love you emily no argument will ever change that.

    Tell badooski happy birthday
    Miss yall


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