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    To Me (for a change!):
    I am SO different. I feel better than I have done in probably 10 years, since my mum died. I have had depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc all of that time in a downwards and regressing spiral. But now finally I have a physical diagnosis of a malabsorption syndrome, plus diagnosis of Adrenal hypo-activity plus other crap …. I have pursued Emotional Connections Therapy (also called Access Consciousness) which to be honest has changed my life. If anyone reading this is interested this therapy has made such a huge difference to me and my life, it can change yours!
    I have moved away from a relationship which was dysfunctional to me (although I loved him totally) and I feel I am finally moving forward with my life. Anything feels possible now, it won’t necessarily be easy … but it is possible. I will be ok … I’m moving past what I was dependent on and moving towards what I can look forward to, with or without anyone else … Just for me xxx

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