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    I remember walking you home
    I remember us clasping hands
    Tired, chilled, in love
    Finally making it across the field
    And around the block
    To your mothers driveway
    Lit up by the garage light
    Later than I said as usual
    Nearly frost bitten
    Partially covering your face
    with sweatshirt sleeves
    Smiling (the little crinkles in your nose)
    My nervous knees and shaky smirk
    Our first kiss

    If we were to sit down and share a drink,
    I would hope we’d only speak highly of our troubled time together. It was one hell of a time that’s for sure. Boring, regular, exasperated, and full of inexperience. Love was there probably, just too young to know what to do with it.

    You reached out to me to let me know you were happy for me. I was angry at first.. but then humbled. It’s been so long, it would be nice to catch up and see what kind of women you’ve become.
    it’s up to you.

    P.S it’s Latin for take care.

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